Sunday, January 16, 2005

All that sweats, 'tis not sweet...

One of the things that is at the top of my all-time gross out list has got to be seeing people working out in jeans or denim shorts.

If you work out in your jeans, I apologize if I am offending you. But, WHAT is going through your mind?

Please, comment back and explain to me how the feeling of sweaty denim rubbing against your body making that swishy sound when you "stairmaster" could be anything other than revolting?

Yes, please, comment back if I am missing out on some wonderful sensation in life by not trying this. Because, to me, the sight of an overweight, heavy-thighed woman, thrashing back and forth in a pair of jean shorts next to me on the stairmaster makes me want to vomit all the way up and back down my flight of stairs.

The only thing worse was when she proceded to reinact the "Maniac" scene from Flashdance, by swinging her neck back and forth from left to right as she swished in her sweat-saturated Levis.

EWwwwwww.....and yes, I cut my time on the stairs short that day....


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