Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anxiety-ridden rambling...

I realize that I left you sitting there with a bowl of much for almost a full week. I know it had gotten quite cold after a few days. But, it was good mush...Matthew McCoughnhey, "man-scented" mush....but, still...mush is just mush.

I'm afraid this post won't be that much better. I am too scattered and anxious tonight. For the past 2-3 weeks I have known I was quitting my "dream job." I have not had a second thought about doing it, so I know it is the right decision. People who don't know what I've had to put into this job or what it has dished back out to me, have questioned me as if I were crazy. And, I'm fine with that actually. They haven't a clue...

Well, after many delays, tomorrow the day has finally come. I am finally going to resign in face with my boss. And, I'm scared shitless. I have this really bad feeling it is not going to go well. Could it be because last week this boss screamed at an employee to the point that she reportedly ran hysterically crying from the office and never returned--leaving without any notice? Oh, maybe...

There are many reasons for this decision, that I'll get into another time. But, for now, the best way to summarize my past year is that dream jobs really can become living nightmares if you aren't careful. And, nightmare jobs can really take their toll on your health and happiness.

And, I'm just not allowing any more nightmares in my life for awhile...that is, if I can help it.

More updates soon, I promise...I won't let the mush get cold this time!


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Good luck! Be strong!

5:13 AM, February 11, 2008  
Anonymous Angela said...

Oh, I hope it went well! I'm thinking lots of positive thoughts for you...

1:57 PM, February 11, 2008  
Blogger Nicole said...

I'm getting a knot in my stomach just imagining it. I'm known for just leaving and then sending a letter to explain why ;-) You are so brave!!!

2:11 PM, February 11, 2008  

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