Saturday, February 02, 2008

R-E-H-A-B I-T, Find Out What it Means to Ye...

OK, what the hell is going on in Hollywood?

Did we miss the secret memo designating this Rehab appreciation week or something?

Because everyone's going to Rehab, baby...and Amy Winehouse can't even protest because SHE'S there too!

Either someone has decided that airing your addictions is the best way to revive the press on a faltering/flatlined career...

...or that Heath Ledger thing really freaked the pretty people O-U-T!

Updated--Apparently, the ones who aren't in rehab couldn't stand the loss of publicity from sobriety coupled with no Golden Globes. So, they all decided to show up here. Oh, yes...let's have the actors take over the running of our country. That would fix EVERYTHING...


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