Thursday, May 22, 2008

One more post and THAT is IT!

I know I have a whole Disney vacation to update you on, but my folks are coming this weekend and I've no time. Instead, I will dazzle you with one final post about the American Idol finale, just because I had to watch it over again with my son this afternoon.

My observations along the way--a little out of order:

Opening song, uh, OK. Amanda Overmeyer looks more than uncomfortable. Chikeze's gained back the weight. Why do they always make Karly wear leggings that make her look heavy? And Syesha's always in the short-shorts.

OK, someone MUST fire the make-up artist. Ryan Secreast has more eyeliner on than last night, if that's possible. Oh, no...and so does David Cook! Oh well, at least Dave looks like of rocker-ish with his...bringin' back the Duran Duran...

Mike Meyers has another sketch character movie. Looks dumb...wait, that was sort of funny. Now he's on stage. OMG! That skit with the two Davids had us crying. We had to replay the part where he comments on David A going "boom boom in his pullups" and catch David's expression again. Priceless!

Hey, Syesha looks and sounds really great with Seal. Pause recording to explain Seal's facial scars to son. Later he asks if Brian Adams has the same ones. No honey, his are just from acne...

Yay--Michael Johns and Carly Smithson! They performed great together, although I don't like how Michael's tux coat was all buttoned up awkwardly. Still, he's workin' the McHotty...

Baby Jonas Brother got a haircut. Awww...I like those kids. Anyone want to place bets on how long it is before one of them pulls a Britney?

Ok, what is the deal with every-freaking celebrity in the world being in the audience now for the finale?

Gladys Knight and her new pips--Stiller, Black and a very skinny Downey Jr. Hilarious. I appreciated this one more on the second playback.

David Cook rocks with ZZ TOP! This guy is so awesome. I am wondering if I like him more than Chris Daughtry now... I also love the Risky Business commercial with him. David Archeleta looked so awkward on his version that it was almost as sad as him trying to see Chris Brown last week.

Donna Summer--beep, beep, uh, huh...go girls!

Carrie Underwood--she's really come so far. My husband's comment--was she this attractive when she won? My son's--"Hey, Mom. This is NOT country music. This sound like rock to me. I like it!" (Forget about the fact that he wasn't listening to the lyrics of this one, which was good with me.)

OK, why are they having the two Davids sing a Brian Adams love song together? That's just WRONG, people! Me thinks only David Hernandez and Danny Noreiga could pull that one off successfully!

Bryan Adams still sounds good. I always did like him. Maybe it's the front tooth gap. (grin to those who know me...)

Jordin Sparks--who made you wear that hideous dress? Girl, that is NOT flattering. Your song was boring too. Sorry, J...

Brooke White--I hope you go the whole folksy Patty Griffin route. I would LOVE to hear you make that kind of an album.

Ooh! The group is singing George Michael. Yay! Ok, I'm sorry but Amanda Overmeyer is REALLY uncomfortable performing on stage like this. She looks like someone shot her dog right before she walked on stage or something! Is it really THAT bad?

Michael Johns is hot. Oops! Did I say that already? (grin)

OK, WTF is wrong with George Michael? Is this even George Michael? It looks like some cheap imitator with the wrong kind of nose for him or the animatronics character shows at Disney World. Why in God's NAME is he wearing the old geezer sunglasses? Dude, I know he's older, but this is George Shake-Your-Butt-I-WANT-Your-Sex Michael. This doesn't even SOUND like him.

Unintelligible blathering after performance. Is he on drugs again?

Husband played back 3 times--translates that Michael said he had a terrible cold. Yeah, but that doesn't explain your hideous glasses, dude.

Yay. The Davids win Ford Hybrids! Aww...look how happy Cook is. He's really won me over this season. I even find him kind of dreamy now that he's lost the flock of seagulls 'do.

Oh, Simon admits he was WRONG about Cook. Well, we could have told you that.

Here we are...the ending.'s.....Arch---COOK! YES, Oh, YES! Pan to Archeleta's Dad...whew...I don't see any weapons.

Awww...Cooks mom and brother rush on stage. His Dad couldn't get his Lark up the ramp fast enough I guess. Yay! What a feel-good happy ending to a great....

Oh @%#$@#! the dang show ran over and my DVR cut the ending off. THAT BITES!



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