Sunday, October 09, 2005

Don't drink and text message...

Proof that alcohol and text messaging don't mix...

Late last night, I was finishing up scrapbooking for the evening and my husband had gone to sleep about an hour earlier. I hear a weird chime on his cell phone. Wanting to make sure it wasn't his office calling for anything important, I looked at the phone to see if a message was left.

This text message popped up:

Drunk n out of line
w emotions sorry
will call ltr 2
I got a good laugh. I almost woke my husband up to ask him which girlfriend was upset with him, but I decided against it. Instead, I left the message up on his phone on the counter. Then, made sure I was around this morning when he picked up his cell phone and got to witness the "What the HELL is this?"

The best we could guess was that in a drunken state, someone misdialed and was one number off of his cell phone number. But, then this morning he got call from someone who sounded irritated when he answered. Hmm...maybe someone gave THEM the wrong number in the first place!

I feel old because I haven't gotten into the whole text messaging thing. But, isn't it a little TACKY to text message your apology in the first place?

How impersonal! (says the hypocritical email-a-holic who will email anything over having to phone someone...)


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