Saturday, October 01, 2005

If Ovaltine Grew on Trees...

My son (Wildcat) got creative tonight with his vegetable eating. After eating a massive amount of green beans, he started playing with his food. And, to his amazement, he discovered they actually DO have little beans inside of them.

While we were busy clearing the table and washing dishes, we did not see that he was stripping all the remaining uneaten green bean pods of their tiny beans inside. Once he'd collected them all in a cup, he showed it to us and announced he needed to go outside and plant them. He was going to grow a green bean tree so we'd have a lot of them all the time. (We had a failed attempt at growing a lemon tree earlier this year from lemon seeds already. He really is into nature and gardening things right now!)

And, then he added:
Wildcat: Mom?
MomCat: Yeah.
Wildcat: It's too bad that we can't grow chocolate milk on trees, isn't it?
Because, can you IMAGINE that?
MomCat: You know, son, that really IS too bad. Wouldn't that be something!

So, I started thinking. If I could grow anything on a tree just by planting a few seeds, what would I want to grow?

1. Patience and an even-temper
2. Magic weight reduction/diabetes gene elimination/hormone stabilization pills
3. Unlimited supplies of On the Border salsa with Baked Tostitos, Crystal Light Peach and Raspberry Tea, and pizzas that doesn't go straight to your spare tire.
4. A positive body image and consistently high self esteem.
5. A Matthew McConaughey sprouting tree that multiplies and drops dozens of dimpled Matthews, complete with bongos, for me to gaze upon out my kitchen window. Just for eye candy...drool...

So, tell me. What would you want to grow on your magic tree?


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