Friday, September 23, 2005

First Signs of the Storm

The wind has started gusting and the dark clouds have moved over us. This is the first signs we've seen here of Hurricane Rita. We've got our closets cleared and prepared for us to huddle in, just in case of a tornado or very high winds. We'll fill our tubs, just in case the water supply is affected. We've got canned goods out the ying-yang and water for everyone. Propane? We've got plenty.

Today has been a tense day of waiting. As I sit here, my family is playing poker. The usual ranting and boasting bellows from downstairs. If you looked at us from the outside, you'd just seen any typical weekend family gathering. It is so bizarre and surreal to know that had I kept trying to drive northward yesterday, I could be stuck and being rescued like so many other people. I am so thankful to be here, listening to the poker arguments and smelling the pork chops cooking in the oven.

I'm sending this out now. I don't know if we'll even have a power outage or if we'll be affected in a big way. But, I wanted to send out an update for you wonderful readers who have posted your prayers and well wishes. We are fine. We're nervous but ready for anything that comes our way. Much like our city has been throughout this whole ordeal.

My son has been ultra-hyper today, running in circles blowing his whistle and being wild. In the middle of his antics earlier, he blurts out, "Are we going to die?" We so take for granted that kids can see weather reports and hear stories of past storms and just let it bounce off of them. They do not. They are little sponges that take everything in. Then, when their worry inside can not be kept contained, they blurt out something that makes your eyes well up with tears. God bless the young hearts...we must protect them and keep them from worry whenever we can...


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