Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rita Ramblings

As I sit here, I don't even know if I can gather my thoughts enough to make this coherent. My mind is spinning. It is hard to believe that we are now looking at a possible Category 4 hurricane hitting our area just so soon after Katrina. Here are some questions running through my mind:

  • Should I take the kids and leave for my folks Thursday, as my husband has requested? (My parents live in North Texas, far from the path of the storms.)
  • If I leave, what if my husband gets stranded or needs us? Could I live with myself for leaving?
  • But, if I don't leave and something scary were to happen, would I ever forgive myself for traumatizing or putting my kids well-being at risk?
  • Will my elderly in-laws be OK? My father-in-law is NOT well right now.
  • What about THE POOR PEOPLE FROM LOUISIANA? I've heard now they're transporting them to Arkansas and Nebraska. I have to say, I would really start to wonder about what the big guy had against me if I were from Louisiana right now.
  • What about our city? We have given out so much to help the people from Louisiana, will we be able to help ourselves should the same happen here?
  • If we can help ourselves, will anyone else be able to help us after donating so much to help there?
  • Am I selfish for thinking things like this?
  • I do have a selfish question--why did this have to happen on the weekend of my scrapbooking retreat? Why...oh why?
  • Now a tacky one--why does my sister insist on acting like she has a direct line to the National Weather Service, cluing me in to "things that haven't been released to the public yet, " when in fact she tells me what I just heard on the local news?
  • Will I be able to scrapbook at my parents? (selfish, selfish...)
  • How much dust, smoke, and pet hair will my family inhale if we stay with my parents for more than our usual 2 days? (If you know me, you'll know this is a sensitive subject. My parents have 4 cats, smoke heavily and never clean. This WAS my trauma of childhood.)
  • How soon until we can come back?
  • Will my son be penalized if I pull him from school Friday to leave? He's already missed 3 days last week with that nasty stomach virus.
  • What if I can't reach my husband for many days? How will I explain to my son that his Dad is OK if I don't know that he is?
  • What if something happens and he (or my loved ones) are NOT OK?
  • Did I buy enough water and canned foods, batteries, etc., for my husband?
  • Am I being too dramatic way too early for this kind of questioning?

OK. There you go. The biggest bulleted list I have probably ever created. And, that is pretty impressive folks, because I'm a technical writer by profession and we just LUV us some of dem' bullets!


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