Monday, September 12, 2005

We've Come Undone

To paraphrase from two Wally Lamb books, "I know this much is true, " we've "come undone." That's the only way to put what is going on in our house right now. Let me give you the briefest possible breakdown of why I say that.

Approximately 2 months ago:
"Big DaddyCat" comes down with a nasty cold/sore throat and can't seem to shake it. In rare form, he actually goes to the doctor only to have what always happens to him when he goes to the doctor happen. He was poo-poo'd and told he just had a sinus infection and given some antibiotics. (This is why he never GOES to the doctor, so it really urked me!)

10 days later:
DaddyCat finishes antibiotics only to still have a sore throat the following day. NOT a good sign. About this time, I began having an extreme sore throat.

1 week later:
DaddyCat seems a little better, but I have lost my voice. We take turns coughing out the Bohemian Rhapsody each night and have toss-ups for who get the couch.

A week after that:
Due to the multiple evenings of my husband sleeping on the couch (out of consideration for me), our couch cushions began to meld into a silhouette of his body. Couch now rejects anyone else sitting on it. That's OK, because I let "Coughy the Coughmeister" know that I have taken over our Queen-sized bed permanently, and he'd have to fight me to the death to get it back. (Have I mentioned that I'm a horrible bed hog?)

1 Month after Initial Cold/Sore Throat Hit Our House:
I'm still hacking, so is husband but he's a little better so we see hope. Then, WildCat son stars in his renditions of Coughing in the Moonlight. Because of his asthma, I promptly take him to the doctor to have his chest checked the following day.

The next day:
Doctor proclaims son's lungs all clear, but gives him super dosage of antibiotics anyway for minor ear and sinus infection. That's right, dope those back-to-school bugs right out of him, Doctor!

Two days later:
Son goes back to school and we all think we're getting well. I idiotically joke with the in-laws about how my youngest is the only one well. (You KNOW what comes next here...)

Several days after this:
Daughter starts violently coughing at night. I am still coughing, husband has disappeared somewhere in the couch cushions. Son seems fine now.

Last Friday:
Doctor says daughter has strep throat and a sinus infection. Daughter and son get to do dual sibling shots of Amoxicillan, I suddenly sees premonition of their college years. Except--daughter hates pink bubble gum meds and so I must sneak hers into her drinks so she gets enough.

Daughter seems much better and so does DaddyCat. But, I wake up to a lovely intestinal bug that makes me spend more time in the "lavatory" than any one person should. (I like that word, lavatory. Don't you?)

Last night:
WildCat begins throwing up and doesn't stop. He throws up every 30 minutes almost on the dot, even when there's nothing left in his poor stomach. This goes on from about 10 p.m. until almost 4 a.m. the next morning when he finally crashes. My husband and I tag team, but due to our own coughing and ailments, we both estimate we only got about two hours of sleep each.

This morning:
I call the doctor's office to be advised to not bring him in unless he continues the 30 minute stuff for the next several hours. Of course he stops about this time, so I don't take him in. Nurse says to just keep him hydrated, on a bland diet and just ride it out.

So, I make two appointments for my husband and I to make sure we didn't have strep and to figure out what it is I have too, determined to get us to the doctor's while we're both home with the kids. Both result in allergy medication and antibiotics for us. Yay-it's a whole family antibiotics party! Woo-hoo!

This afternoon/evening:
Son continued his barffest after resting in the afternoon. DaddyCat and I played keep-the-kids-away-from-one-another most of the day (which is harder than it sounds with my 17-month-old). Just when we think he's out of the woods, WildCat throws up again tonight and turns to look at me sadly, saying, "Can I go to the doctor NOW, Mom?"

Of course, this makes me feel like the worst Mom in the entire world. I call again and they tell me to hold off and that it'll pass after about 24-36 hours. As I sit here tonight, abdominal pains shooting and knowing the night that is to come will only be followed by another day of no school and cancelled appointments and plans for me, along with a sadly pukey child that makes me want to cry, I just wonder when it will finally be over.

Did I mention that my son's first YMCA campout is this coming weekend and also that the following weekend I have my much anticipated scrapbooking retreat that I helped organize? And tonight, he doesn't realize it yet, but he missed his first Karate class with his buddies. No pressure to get well


Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Oh no oh no oh no... I hate that for you. This stuff isn't supposed to happen until well into the winter season!

Hang in there, Steph!

10:46 PM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Dipu said...

Yikes ... I guess that answers my email question. Sounds awful...

11:04 PM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Babs said...

omg, you poor thing! Remember how you've commented that you always seem to have the extremes of emotions? Well, it's no wonder with all of this going on! I'll be sending positive, healthy vibes your way. :)

11:46 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous irene said...

I'm so so sorry you're going through so much trouble Steph, I know the midnight coughing, I know the puke party, the blurred house, the "is it me smelling that bad?" and "did anyone feed the dog today? yesterday?". I've been there and I know. I'm with you Steph. I really am.

2:36 AM, September 13, 2005  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Good grief! That sounds like the winters in my house! It hits one person, and makes its rounds until all 6 of us are sick, and then along comes a new and more nasty bug. Hopefully, everyone gets well, and fast! Poor hubs still lost in the couch cushions? LOL

6:40 PM, September 13, 2005  
Blogger Masked Mom said...

When my oldest started kindergarten, he brought home stuff every other week it seemed like. I wrote a journal entry back then wondering if school was a never-ending merry-go-round of viruses and bacteria. Eleven years later, I can say, most assuredly, yep.

Good luck!

9:10 PM, September 13, 2005  

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