Monday, September 19, 2005

Come Hell or High Water...

I've been having to bail on a lot of my fun/social things lately. And this is not normally in my character, so it is making me sad. I swear, my friends are probably about to give up on me with all of this, and I've gotten to the point of laughing about it, but truthfully I need some "me" time (as selfish as that may sound).

First, there was dropping out of my bunco group, which I know was for the best. But, I have had so many doctor's appointments with my health issues I am now missing a lot of other fun things. Then, this past week, when my daughter decided to
shake hands with a curling iron, I missed a much anticipated girls night out while we took her to the doctor. I've missed baby showers, dinners, lunches, and the list goes on and on.

So, the end of this month brings a big scrapbooking retreat with my moms' group. I helped organize it, and have been looking forward to it for months and months. A full weekend, away from the kids, to just relax, gab with my pals, be out in a cabin on a lake with nature surrounding me, and enjoying my favorite hobby--scrapbooking. I need this trip desperately. I have felt some depression coming on, with my health issues and the continuing saga of illnesses and injuries that have plagued my house.

I've use the phrase several times jokingly (but really quite serious inside) when talking about the unimaginable thought of missing this retreat for any reason, "Come HELL or HIGH WATER, I will be there, I tell you!"

My close friend and scrapbooking kimosabe called and left a message when I was working out today. Seems there is a Category 3 hurricane headed straight for the Houston area. Projected landfall? Oh, Saturday.

You have got to be F#$%$#*! kidding me!!!


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