Thursday, September 22, 2005

Home Sweet Hurricane Home!

For those who didn't read my comment back to my last post, I am here back in Houston. And, quite frankly, after going through what I did with the traffic, I am so happy to be back. In fact, I almost kissed the ground when I pulled into my drive.

I will blog more about my bizarre driving experience this morning soon. I have five of the in-laws coming to stay with us tonight. But, thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind words. For now, it appears the storm is moving back towards Louisiana. I'd say thank goodness to this, but I'm filled with overwhelming sadness both for that state and also fear for the people who have just found out that now Katrina's Big Sister is suddenly bearing down upon them instead of us. We will still have storms, but hopefully things will be fine here.

And, a note for S.J., I would have left a comment for you that I COMPLETELY understand why you are not going. I was going to email you that you would never make it to the airport anyway. It is more scary to think of being in a bad storm in your car than in your house. That's why I turned back and came home. Email or call me if you guys need anything and take care!

More soon!


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