Monday, May 01, 2006

April's Perfect Post Award: Crazy Us

For the Perfect Post awards this month, I chose an old favorite of mine. Beth at Crazy Us hooked me in with her truthful writing style when I first started discovering blogs, even before I'd started my own. She has a way of telling the stories of her life that draws you in and makes you feel as if you were there.

This month's post, Standing by a Sign at the Edge of a Marsh, did just that for me. And, so I wanted to thank Beth for all the great writing over the past few years. I relate to her stories about her boys, her struggles in her own life and cheer for her successes. I don't know Beth personally, but feel like I do because her writing is so honest and she is so unafraid to be herself. Her stories of celebrity sightings and her boys' crazy antics have also kept me in stitches many a day. She's the Mom and writer I strive to be, so thank you Beth! You are an inspiration to so many of your readers!

Stop on by Beth's blog and congratulate her. And, while you're there, take a look-see. I guarantee you, you'll be hooked after reading this post!

For all the Perfect Posts in April, visit Petroville or Suburban Turmoil. It's perfect blog reading to start off your month!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

What a lovely post, and what great taste you have. Thanks for sending me!

10:25 AM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger "D" said...

Thanks for the great read! I love finding new fodder!

11:47 AM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Beth rocks. Great choice, Steph! And thanks for playing.

11:50 AM, May 01, 2006  
Anonymous CrazyUs said...

Thank you again! I am trying to read your most beautiful post while Kyle reads me his "reading" words. Now he wants to know what, "C-u-s-h-i-o-n" spells. He said, "Cushion. Cushion, that is what I said."

I am so touched by your post and your email. It has been a hard week for me and your kind words couldn't have come at a better time. I only hope that I can fully recover and get back to blogging the way I like.

8:38 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger MommaK said...

Thanks for joining in today, Steph. I'm off to read your choice...


9:33 PM, May 01, 2006  

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