Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When your mind is mush, do the meme...

That hysterically funny Lisa of Niihaus has tagged me, and so I feel compelled to shake-my-meme today. After all, she manages to make me snort my iced tea through my nose in laughter at least a few times a week with her zany blog posts.

Unfortunately, after my workout this morning, my brain was too sweat-laden to think of six things, so I asked my husband to help. A couple of his contributions are below too! (Oh, and believe me, I have way more weird was a matter of picking between them to find the most weird. HA!)

Six Weird Things About Me
1. I have a fear of two songs...and when I hear them I literally will run from the room--the theme song from Unsolved Mysteries and "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson.

2. If I break a dish or something glass, ceramic or china, I will cry hysterically even if it wasn't valuable. I have no idea why I do this. The other day, my daughter broke something and started crying too...I guess this means it is genetic.

3. I have a bizarre white hair that pops up on the side of my nose. I pluck it, and it grows back at a freakishly fast rate. It's white and very tiny so I don't think anyone's noticed it, but it bugs the shit out of me.

4. I have a "gimp" toe. I have broken my feet and toes so many times that one of my little toes looks like it's curled up and ready to die. It isn't that noticeable, unless I point it out. The nail on this toe doesn't grow correctly either, it grows almost straight out at you. I know...where is the circus? I am a side-show freak...

5. Speaking of toes, my husband thought I should mention here that I can spread my toes apart like fingers on a hand. This comes in handy when he tries to get too frisky with me under the covers, because I can toe-pinch him in the thigh until he stops. (mwah, ha, ha!)

6. My husband also thought of this one--I had the hand-eye coordination to do well playing sports and competing as a baton twirler growing up, and yet I cannot hit a tennis ball coming at me. (This is so true. I even took tennis lessons. I will swing and completely miss the ball! And, it doesn't make sense because I am decent at golf too. Go figure!)

Ok, it's tag-a-licious time. I don't want to "bug" anyone who hates these things, but I'll tag away and you just do it if you want to, m'kay? I won't be offended in the least.

1. Lisa
2. Babs
3. Tam
4. Dipu
5. Andrew
6. Nicole


Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Okay - I remember the twirling disaster stories. I am not surprised you can't hit a tennis ball. I'm thinking maybe you don't understand what the words hand-eye coordination mean?? (hee, hee!)

I have a white hair that pops up on my neck. If I find it and I am out somewhere not close to my tweezers it drives me nuts. I have actually stopped and bought a set of tweezers at Walgreens just to attack and destroy it.

5:03 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Babs said...

But does your gimp toe spell L for Loser? ;-)

Love the meme... I'm gonna play tomorrow!

10:42 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Lisa said...

Woohoo! You did it!

I love the toe pinch procedure, too. I can actually move my pinky toe independently from the others, creating a major pincer grasp.

And, thank God the hair is white woman! It could be black and curly. And how much fun would that be for the kids and their friends? ;-))

10:47 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

LOL, Debbie!

Babs, you have proven you are a true and loyal reader with that comment. Can't wait to read about your "weirdness."

When ya going to come and visit me, huh??? (grin)

10:48 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Lisa--my pinky does that too. It spreads even further out than the other monkey toes. My husband is utterly disgusted by it. heh,heh,heh...

10:51 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Nicole said...

It's so good to know I'm not the only weird one..I'll play, too...

11:39 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Masked Mom said...

The monkey toe thing? Everyone in my family has it except Hubby. When my kids were little, I actually had people comment on their freakish toes. If you find the circus that'll take us, I think we could negotiate a good deal!!!!! :)

7:51 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

That's funny about toes. It's nice if you really can toe pinch huh. Wish I could.

2:35 AM, April 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:43 AM, April 21, 2006  
Blogger Barbara said...

I always read these weird meme posts, very informative.

12:57 PM, April 23, 2006  
Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Cute! I have really long toes and can pick things up with them. This is very handy now that I'm always holding the baby!

12:23 PM, April 24, 2006  

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