Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How it started...

When it started out, I was convinced this would be the worst family vacation we've ever attempted to take. And, I didn't think I could take that again...

Our son remembers our last big trip to Mexico two years ago very fondly for the iguanas and getting to perform in an impromptu kids show every night at the hotel. My husband and I remember it too, although not quite as fondly. We remember the every-other-day family squabbles and stress that made us, at one point, almost decide to come home early. In the end, it all worked out and there were enough fun times to be had that we can look at pictures and laugh. I had to hope this trip would be the same.

But, I wasn't sure by how it started out...

When we got to the airport, we were already running a few minutes late of the well-padded time we'd planned to arrive ahead of our departing flight to San Diego. My husband and son checked our bags in a the terminal's outside check-in, while daughter and I waited. And waited. And, waited until the traffic cop started glaring at me and I started waving down my husband to see what the deal was.

And, then we waited some more while the only three guys in front of my husband continued to chit-chat away with the check-in workers. Suddenly, I see my husband forcefully grab the bags and quickly run over to another check in line about 10 feet away, while my son grabbed what he could and tried to keep up.

And, then we waited some more. And, when they finally came back to the car, my husband was steaming mad. Apparently, they'd sat in line behind the Texans. NFL quarterback, David Carr, and then when he was done the guy closed the line. To which my husband muttered, "Oh, what? This is just a celebrity line? And you couldn't tell me that BEFORE???"

And, then came our first parking garage debacle. (If you read before, you know that there was another garage incident that was much more fun.) As we approached the garage, we were pleased to find that the digital sign for the level we were entering said there were 128 spots left. This surprised us, with it being spring break week and all. So, we entered. And, as we entered I noticed a large sign that said "No entry to other levels from this level of the garage."

Apparently, the designer of this parking garage decided to mix things up a bit and not allow you to go to a higher level. And, you guessed it, our level was packed. There was not 1 spot, much less 128 spots. So, now running very late, we had to drive back down to the parking checkout and sit in line to pay for parking we did not receive because their signs were wrong. Only, we didn't have time to sit in line, so we drive through a credit card line and just paid the dollar it asked and went back up.

And, then the same thing happened again. The floor we chose supposedly had a ton of spots, but in actuality it was full. We had to exit and drive out of the parking garage about a mile off to turn around and re-enter the garage. This time we waited through the line and gave the parking attendant attitude about the sign, which she said she had no control over. (Yeah, whatEVER!)

Once we finally parked (on the top floor), we rushed in to the area where your carry-ons are scanned. And, we sat in line again. When we finally got to the scanner, we were only a few minutes from our flight departure time. And, of course, my husband gets pulled aside for their random detailed scan. Oh, but the guy with the scanner got pulled away and so he was told to wait.

Wait? What? Are you kidding me?

I left with the kids and ran to the terminal where I was greeted by a grumpy employee who told me that our flight was LEAVING and she was giving away our seats if my husband was not there right then. The woman acted as if my husband were off getting his shoes shined or something. Please!

So, I screamed down the airport when I caught sight of him "RUN! RUN! RUN!"
We just made it.

And, the pessimist that resides deep inside me (who I don't let come out often), kept whispering as we buckled up , "This is a sign. It's going to be a bad trip. It's going to be a really bad trip..."

(Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap of our spring break trip!)


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Someday, this will be the funny part!!

7:45 AM, March 21, 2007  

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