Monday, December 17, 2007

Just some kibbles and bits...

My mind is a-flutter with things since I was gone this weekend, so I'm posting scattered know kibbles and bits! Would you expect any less from the MomCat on a Monday?

  • My weekend away was wonderful! I got a few hours to catch up with two dear friends, which didn't feel like nearly long enough! Still, it was great seeing them and finding out what is new in their lives that I don't already read about on their blogs!
  • Our old stomping grounds are completely different, which was the main thing that blew our minds. The area right by where we lived in our first apartment out of college, and next to where my husband worked is now a suburban mecca for upscale shopping and fine dining. It seemed odd and out of place to us, but we've been gone for 10 years or more, so what do we know. My husband's comment was, "This is Texas, not New York. Do they really need to have all these condos and businesses like this all in one place? Can't people just drive?"
  • Don't get me wrong, we both oohed and aahed plenty when we drove around. We were duly impressed!
  • The company party was interesting. Definitely better than most I've been to--but still kind of strange. In place of the stuffy and pretentiously over-done party, where women go overboard on their holiday dresses and people get really drunk, there was barbecue, western wear and casual clothing, and a lot of very friendly people. But, in true form, there was the open display of intoxication that makes any corporate holiday party memorable! And, I participated in some of the drinking fun, so I say that with no judgement whatsoever!
  • We stayed in a really cool historic hotel downtown that's rumored to be haunted. I did not have any ghostly visits or strange sightings. As I told one person, I probably drank enough to knock me out so much during my slumber that a ghost would have to drop a ton of bricks on me for me to wake up and be scared! But, there were some very strange noises in this old place. For example, I got up in the middle of the night because we'd left the closet and bathroom lights on and I went to turn them off. When I turned the closet light off and shut the two doors, I heard this intense banging sound that went on for several minutes. It was a very strange sound, like someone banging on pipes or something...not something I could explain away as the elevator outside, etc. I could not place what it would be or what would have caused it.

    Something wasn't happy that I closed that closet, that's all I'm saying. Form your own opinions on that...
  • My husband and I actually chose to NOT talk about our kids or problems or anything and instead just have fun, which was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, we both came home physically exhausted instead of refreshed. Blame that on the Patron...and, for me, too much wine.
  • My mind was blown today. I'm doing a story on area private school options for the magazine. I have to say, my husband and I have always been public school supporters and have never thought of considering a private school. We attended public schools, he in the suburbs of Houston and me in my small Texas town. And, we ended up just fine. (Insert Dana Carvey's old man here, from SNL..."and we LIKED it, I tell you! We LOVED IT!")

    I walked away feeling almost emotional about my experience. Have you ever had a moment where you felt like someone was trying to tell you something? That the big guy up there was shining a light on you for a second and letting you see your way out of something?

    I had that today with this private school. I went in with all the opinions in the world about private schools, the people who enroll their kids in them, and the level of education offered. I walked away with every misconception blown and feeling like someone had showed me an option for my son that I'd never considered.

    And, so now, I've come home and scared my husband by actually talking positively about private schools and what they might offer our son, who does great grade-wise in school, but hates it and never seems to quite fit the typically classroom mold from which they want our kids to learn. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of my checkbook trembling.

    Time will tell what happens with this. Most likely, nothing will change. But, it gives me great comfort to know there are other options out there where he might thrive and feel more comfortable instead of forcing himself to do the work and get to school each day.
  • If you are a fan of PostSecret, or haven't checked into this amazing site/project by Frank Warren, watch this. This site is completely addictive.
That's it for now! I have packages to mail, cards to stamp, and more of the holiday hoo-haa. More substantial posts to come...


Blogger Babs said...

In response to the 2nd bullet, the plans for that area of town are actually really cool. Austin is getting its first light rail trains going... so there won't always be the need to drive everywhere. The little urban planner in me gets all excited about it.

9:54 AM, December 18, 2007  
Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Re: the private school thing. People who went to private school do not consider public an option. Most public school kids feel they turned out "just fine." Which we probably did.

My youngest needed to go to a different type of school which ended up being private. Wasn't based on snobbism, just finding what fit him the best. So, I have both going on in my house. My other two kids do great in public schools and my youngest does great in private. Go figure.

9:54 PM, December 27, 2007  

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