Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Day in the Life of "The Cat's Meow"

I have been updating my link list and decided it would be fun to mention what some of the "Cat's Meow" of bloggers are up to these days. Turns out, there's a LOT going on! And, if you're a link lover like me, you'll want to go check these sites out!

Theresa continues to wage her war against the horrid Cadillac Mom. Go, girl--go!

Karla keeps on babbling, but also cracks us up with her take on the 100 Things list--I love her humor!

Michele's site is constantly a-buzz with new games for bloggers and funny discussions.

Tyra got up close and personal with a furry friend at her desk today (read this, it is FREAKY!)

Irene continues to add beauty to the world with her amazing photos and words.

Christina and Krystyn have a fun new site for us all to check out! Hint: just say "OM"...

PaintingChef is off to her sister's wedding with kleenex in hand.

MommaK is reminiscing about Halloween's past....cute pictures!

Lucinda has a rockin' new site design and continues to crack us up with her take on fashion today.

S.J. has "gone batty" and is considering breaking into the world of designer fragrances.

Carol continues to post great photos of her beautiful family and make me jealous of the landscape in which she lives.

And Angela's jumping on the 100 things buffet by giving us more chewable bits of info about her...a little at a time.


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