Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just say NO???

Awhile back, I blogged about my daughter being slow to talk and my concern about that. Well, she's coming along and saying a lot of new words at time and babbling incoherent alien talk at others. So, my worries have lessened a great deal on this for now.

But, I am concerned about a new word she has picked up on. And, that word would be...NO. (No, Lucinda, it's not quite as bad a word as what you're dealing with, but I fully expect that to stop popping up soon!)

Yes, that's right Miss Kitty has learned to say no. And she uses it correctly and quite emphatically.

Miss Kitty, do you want to take your shoes off?

Miss Kitty, do you want some chicken?

Miss Kitty would you like a cookie?
Nnnnnno! (pause...then begins crying as Mom takes the cookies back to the pantry...still too stubborn to budge from her NO even though she wants the cookie!)

Miss Kitty, is there anything I can get you to do to stop saying NO?
NO! (Ok, kidding here, but you get the picture. It is getting OLD people!)

It is like I'm living with David Spade's "NO" guy from the Capitol One commercials. This child obviously gets a thrill out of expressing her opinion all of the sudden! And, quite honestly, this independent streak scares the living shit out of me.
  • In other news, we're in waiting mode on my Dad's surgery to find out when they will schedule the bypass operation.
  • My son has suddenly started throwing fits about going to school each morning, yet he will not tell me why. (I've seen signs of something bothering him, but he won't share for anything.)
  • And, my husband has the hacky cough that will not go away...please, oh please don't let me get it again!
  • My daughter's nap schedule is SERIOUSLY throwing a kink in my attempts to shop for a Xmas outfit for the hubby's Xmas party in two weeks. I'm forced to choose between working out and shopping. Amazingly, I keep choosing working out because I really must. (But my newly defined calf muscles are NOT going to help me when I show up in a feed sack for a swanky holiday party because I've run out of time!)
  • I'm trying to decide if I will literally KILL myself the weekend after next and attempt to run in a school fun run (5K) after having little to no training for many, many months, or if I will weenie out and do the 1K family walk. I mainly resist because I'll be running against people I mention in the next bullet.
  • I am tired of competitive and catty neighbors. (Yeah, what else is new!)
  • I have suddenly had a lot of people complementing my weight, yet I have not lost a single pound on the scale (yes, I know the whole thing about muscle, but my belly is the SAME people!)
  • I am considering starting a separate blog to chronicle my struggle/worries/issues with being diabetic (so I won't bombard blog readers with this ALL the time, since it is all I think about right now).
  • I'm really diggin,' We Three Bitches, a new blog with three snarky gals (including Painting Chef, who I read regularly) who give brutally real and damn funny advice to people. Check it out!


Blogger Karen Rani said...

I too, am tired of competitive and catty neighbors. And my! Love your blog, and I visit often!

2:14 PM, December 01, 2005  
Anonymous Angela said...

Hehe, ah, the "no" word, that's gonna be a fun one, isn't it ;) Good luck with the shopping for the outfit... I'm realizing that old prom dresses that were totally hot when I was 17 might not cut it out here in the "real world"!!

9:28 PM, December 01, 2005  
Blogger scrappintwinmom said...

Hi. Here via Michele today. My twins are slow to talk also, I keep thinking they'll start talking any day now. I enjoyed your blog very much!

8:55 PM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger christina said...

Oh go for the 5K. You can totally do it!!! And yay for great complements. I'm sure you deserve them. to a seperate blog for the diabetes stuff--I like reading about your life--all of it, and don't feel bombarded by it at all. It's part of what makes up the interesting, real fabric of your life.

But I'll read two blogs if I have to :)

9:18 PM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger Uisce said...

I've got a 14 year old and I'm hearing a lot of "no" as in "sorry, no" and "sorry" is supposed to make it better... AS IF!! and hello, Michele sent me!!

11:44 PM, December 02, 2005  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Oh no, the 'no' stage. Which will be followed by the 'mine' stage and the 'my want' stage. Have fun!

As for your son, try some open-ended "so what do you do at recess?" He might let a clue slip.

Forget about those rotten people, and do the run if you want to!

I like anything you're a package, so I expect to read about everything that's on your mind! :)

12:46 PM, December 03, 2005  
Anonymous Kat said...

Haha, at least she isn't using all the No-related phrases David Spade uses on the commercials!

3:23 PM, December 04, 2005  

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