Friday, January 05, 2007

Santa could NOT be happier right now...

Santa really surprised the males of my household with tickets to a Houston Rockets game in their stockings. Not just any tickets, but tickets to the game against the Utah Jazz--one of the best ranked teams in the NBA.

And, then, the day before Christmas, our beloved Yao Ming got injured and Tracy McGrady was out already for an injury. And, Santa was disappointed greatly (or so I've heard) because he knew how much a little seven-year-old boy wants to go see his hero play with his Dad, who also loves sports. He worried that the game might be a dud, and Santa never wants to deliver a dud, mind you.

But, hold it right there! As it turns out, Santa's lights were twinkling bright tonight and they cast a glow right over the Toyota Center for our team! Yes, the Rockets beat the Jazz and dominated the game. Yao was not there, but McGrady was back and was unstoppable.

But, Santa is thrilled for other reasons. Because his elves worked their magic and it seems made the game extra special for a certain seven-year-old. Not only was Houston Texans player Andre Johnson there and on the jumb-o-tron, but that seven-year-old just happened to have on his jersey at the game! Not only did the camera show a ton of funny antics that had both my son and his father in stitches, not only did they eat ice cream in special basketball bowls and buy the coolest picture for my son's bedroom wall, but they even got to watch break-dancers for entertainment at the half. If you could KNOW how much my son loves to dance, you would know that this ended up being the greatest gift Santa could bring to him.

While he had already crashed on the car ride home, I could tell by his Dad's excited retelling of the night, that Old St. Nick had really come through after all. And, I happen to know for a fact, that Santa is beaming at the thought of that father/son memory that was made. And all from just a couple of tickets tucked in some stockings too...

Good job, oh bearded one. Good job!


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Sounds like Santa is one very smart dude!! Excellent stocking stuffer!!

3:52 AM, January 06, 2007  

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