Friday, January 05, 2007

With firm resolve...

I love resolutions. I know there are a lot of people out there who complain and talk of how they refuse to make resolutions, because it always ends up in disappointment when they don't follow through and it is just so passe and expected. I too have found myself feeling the sting of disappointment about mid-year when I realize I've dropped every one of my goals for the year and settled back into old habits. But, even with all of that, I still love resolutions. Let me explain why.

Just once a year, for a month or two, a majority of the world (or at least our nation) is focused on making things better. Yes, sometimes those hopes for improvement are selfish--a new waistline, less debt, and more sleep for each and every one. But, is that so bad? Is it so wrong to try and better yourself? Is there not a trickle-down effect to making yourself happy among those who live around you? And, others have embraced making more global resolutions to impact the world around them--to be more involved in church, find a charity of choice and donate or get reconnected politically. And, to that, I say good for you!

And, so, here I go another year making resolutions I may not keep. And, this year, I'm getting a late start to even making those promises, thanks to a crazy schedule. But, I will make them with sincerely all the hope in the world of keeping them. And, maybe one or two of them will stick, if I'm lucky. And, if not, well at least I can say that I had a few months that I tried and that is a few months better than the last year. So, I will continue to make those resolutions each year with the hope for that one year to come along where I don't have resolutions to make because I'm perfectly content with who and where I am in my life.

This year, I will make broader resolutions, but important ones nonetheless. So, in 2007, I resolve to:

1. Continue my quest for fitness and not abandon my workouts, no matter what life brings.
2. Find the right diet for my blood sugar problems and learn to embrace that fully.
3. Never let life consume me to the point that I forget what is truly important.
4. Laugh more, and feel anger less.
5. Get better organized and teach my children to do the same.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will visit my last year's resolutions and we can laugh about how many I actually kept! Thanks to all of you for staying with me while I strayed due to a crazy work deadline. And now I'll add a Number 6 to my resolutions list, Don't forget to blog!

Updated: Now, for some REAL laughs and the best resolutions I've ever read, go see Karlababble. After reading her 2006 resolution review, I think I may have really been off track with my list this year!

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Blogger karla said...

The resolution regarding fitness is the easiest one to keep. I'll tell you the secret: Join a gym (like 24 Hour Fitness) that offers a free Kid's Club to watch your kids while you work out. If you think you don't want to spend the money, I'm telling you it's SO worth it. Provided you're comfortable with the staff there (the one near my house has a staff I adore and trust, but I know probably every club doesn't have it so great), you'll get the double-benefit of getting your workout PLUS getting a break from the kids for the hour or two that you're there. When I had Jake (well, when he turned 6 months old and was eligible to go to the Kid's Club), I intended to go work out 5 days a week, one hour a day. But it was so great having that little break that soon I was working out TWO hours a day, 5 days a week (which is the max time you can leave a kid at the Kid's Club).

The second secret is this: Don't go there and just try to work out on your own, using the treadmills and the other machines. That's no fun and you'll never get your consistency down. Instead, take classes. Kickbox, step, lift, whatever is available in your time slot. It's way more fun, time passes without you realizing it, and you don't have to think. I used to slog along on my own at the gym and never really got anywhere, and never was able to get consistent about going every day. Then I started taking classes and got addicted. For one thing, you feel like you've got an appointment, rather than knowing you can just show up whenever (since the class starts at a certain time each day). Once I started doing classes, it only took me a few months to lose the 50 lbs I had gained in prengancy, and eventually I became an instructor--I figured I'm there every day, why not get paid? It's a great part-time gig.

Anyway, just my two cents. Is there a prize for having the longest-winded comment ever?

7:46 PM, January 08, 2007  

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