Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Analyzing courage...

It is one of those questions to which you have not ever found the answer, and you aren't quite sure what that means. That is, regarding the problems that rear their ugly head again and again...the ones that never seem to get resolved or go away. And, whether or not this pattern is normal and acceptable.

Is there a time when, after years of trying, it is best to look at a problem and see that it is not going to go away and make peace with that? Can you make peace with that actually without a enacting big change? Or does part of making that peace require moving on and letting go of a dream?

Is courage knowing you have the problem and learning how to live with that each day, forever and ever? Or is it more courageous to acknowledge it and walk away to make things better? Is there one point when you should really concretely know it is time to walk away?

Is that the moment to which other people reach? And, because you have not come to this moment of clarity, is that a sign that you are doing what you should be doing?

Is it a form of courage to stay and face it and continue to work, even when it feels futile and it seems unalterable? Or does that make you a glutton for punishment or just plain foolish?

Actually, sometimes just saying that you don't have an answer and admitting that openly feels somewhat courageous too...

The theme of the week at Mama Says Om is "Courage." Go see what other writers had to say about this theme or contribute something of your own.

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Blogger Babs said...

cool entry! It can be SO hard to make peace with things... like understanding that a person may never change, and you'll just continue to be hurt by them again and again until you make peace with the fact that that's just who they are. Sigh.

My struggle is on the one hand wanting to "let go & let God..." and on the other, wanting to take action in my life. Like, when do you know if an opportunity is *right*? It can be hard to tell...

9:59 AM, February 07, 2007  

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