Thursday, February 01, 2007

At Close Range with the Bully Friend

If you read my post yesterday, then you know I was in a "parenting pickle" with regards to my son and his new friendship with the class bully/problem child.

Well, we went ahead with the playdate, shifting it to our house under the guises of my son wanting to show his friend his newly decorated room. In reality, it was so that I could keep an eye on and both ears open to what this child would do.

In the course of an hour and a half, the following happened:
  • Bully friend (a.k.a. BF) made a b-line for the bathroom when we got home, then took a huge man-sized dump and LEFT it there without flushing to stink up our entire upstairs.
  • BF stood poised with what I THOUGHT was a laser tag gun between my daughter at the top of the stairs and me at the bottom and asked, "Who wants to get shot next?" He looked at my toddler and then me and said, "YOU do," and shot the gun, which was actually a Nerf gun with bullets at my temple and hit it DEAD ON target.
  • BF later shot my daughter in the face with a Nerf bullet when she came to give him a picture she'd made. (He did apologize to her after, but this was after my Nerf attack and after I'd told him we did not allow shooting at people's heads in our house.)
  • BF announced when he left our house (in front of his father) that he sure liked that we had a second story to our house, but he was pretty sure he "had WAY more toys" than my son did.

I don't know, I think it went pretty well. Don't you?

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Blogger speedygeoff said...

Yes, very successful, well done.

1:22 AM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Leanne said...

Uh... I'm so glad I have girls.


7:33 AM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Nicole said...

That's funny and scary at the same time...

When we had our BF over for a playdate, he started climbing up high on some furniture and when I asked him to get down he backtalked and said, "but HE did it.." (referring to my son). I started to explain that I had asked him to get down, too, when my husband broke in with, "BOY have you lost your mind???!"

He's not as tolerant as I am with backtalk ;-)

That was the last playdate we had with him...

9:17 AM, February 02, 2007  
Anonymous Karly said...

Yea, went great. I feel that way about all play dates. I just really don't like other peoples kids. Is that bad? They just get on my nerves and they behave so badly/differently from what I expect and I just don't like it. I'm a bad mommy. I must get over that or my son will have no friends.

9:36 AM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Katie Ann said...

I'll keep my cats :) And if/when I do have kids, they aren't allowed to have friends! (only kidding, but...!)

5:36 PM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Tamara said...

I keep convincing myself it will be so much easier when they get potty trained and are off at school. I apparently live in my own fantasy land.
YOU are a good mommy!

10:15 PM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Tell me he's not coming back. Puhleese tell me he's never coming over again...

You are definitely the mother of the year to put up with THAT child...

6:44 AM, February 06, 2007  
Blogger Chrixean said...

Wow, you remember each of them! Amazing! I only had 3 pets in my life, not including fishes. I had a cat named Sylvester who was a great cat until i realized Sylvester was actually a Sylvia and ran out of with a neighbor's male cat. Hehe.

8:17 PM, February 06, 2007  
Blogger tracey said...

OK, that made my stomach hurt. I cannot believe that. Whatever you do never let your son go over to his house without you! Gads!

The next time you're in a "parenting pickle" you should head to Minti ( and see what the parents over there have to say. I'd be interested! Be sure to say HI of you pop over

10:26 PM, February 08, 2007  

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