Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Idol Worship

So, American Idol is back, and I've resisted the urge to talk about it on here. But, I can "hold me tongue" no more. I have some burning comments and questions and, in light of my last highly depressing post, I figured I'd just let loose with some chatter and try to perk things up a bit.

First off, what is going ON with Randy Jackson's teeth? Seriously! Has anyone noticed that they are freakishly white? I mean, seriously, if they turned off the lights he could do a great imitation of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I love the guy and he's usually right on the mark with his critques, but c'mon! (No insults meant for the kitty. Cheshire is my favorite Alice Character, actually.)

Secondly, why is everyone making such a big deal about how mean Simon is? This is the sixth season of American Idol. Are people JUST cluing into this fact? I, for one, think that he gives the best feedback of any of the judges when he's not trying to be funny. He really can pick a talent and some of his comments have helped some of the contestants improve enough to go on to future rounds. Yes, calling someone a Bush Baby was probably a little mean. But, in all honesty, the guy did have the biggest eyes I've ever seen.

Now, one other it just me or are people really out of control with the foul language on this season's auditions? I mean, tonight they had to put the AI logo over people's mouths and middle fingers entirely too many times for this to be a family show. It was a little much...

Finally, do these judges ever worry about some of these crazy people who come in to audition? They've definitely shown body guards in the first several episodes, but I'm seriously wondering, do they make these people go through metal detectors and frisk them before they walk in? Because I have to say, if I were one of the judges, I'd be really scared of some freak-o going postal on me for telling them they can't sing. I don't know where they find some of these people, honestly!

Early favorites, anyone?

I, for one, loved "Sunshine Head" and there were a couple of girls in there who were fantastic. Who are you rooting for? And, if American Idol is too "mainstream" for you, then keep it to yourself, 'aight? See, I'm a car-singing fool who wishes she had half of a voice, my son loves to watch for the crazy dancing, my husband only watches at the beginning of the season for the crazy bad singers and then tunes back in right at the end to see who wins, and my daughter...well she just does her usual tip-toe'd run around the living room while we watch. I call that good TV, folks!

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Anonymous Lynn said...

Oh, Lord . . . I've been an avid AI-hater for five seasons, and this one gripped me, for some reason. I can't stop watching! I really liked Sarah from Ohio--she was so brave--and I absolutely LOVED the Indian brother and sister from Seattle. And the guy from Memphis with the goatee and really pure, melodious voice? YEAH.

Here by way of Angela. Thanks for writing!

9:09 AM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger Nicole said...

I admit I am addicted. I liked the "Sundance" guy and also the Indian siblings. I do wonder sometimes if sooner of later one of the more unstable people is going to kill themselves after being humiliated like that....

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Jesus/Osama bearded guy.

9:18 AM, January 25, 2007  
Anonymous Angela said...

I can never ever pick a favorite this early on. I always pick people I like and then get crushed when they have to leave during Hollywood week. I usually pick my frontrunners once they get down to 24, so I'll have to get back to you then ;)

As for the judges, what I don't get is everyone attacking Paula. I mean, come on, she's been vapid and dingy and bizarre every single year, and every single year people acuse her of being drunk or high. I honestly think that's just her personality, and I kind of love her a little bit for it. As for the mean levels, I think Simon has been relatively tame this year. In my opinion Randy is the one who has made some remarks and criticisms that ventured into the territory of "mean just for the sake of being mean".

Anyway, I put up with the audition shows, but I CANNOT wait till they start actually performing!

1:48 PM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger sophie said...

I swear I thought I commented last night, but I was exhausted so who knows what I really did.

I think it is a bit harsheer this year, but I also think that since it is Season 6--people should know what they are in for when they show up. Being humiliated worked out to about a million bucks for William Hung, so who knows?

As for the AI sign over the finger--my 8 year old asked, "How do they hold up that sign?"
Blessed ignorance/innocence--won't last long.

8:39 AM, January 26, 2007  
Anonymous C. Flicken said...

I, too, am loving the AI madness. Never got into before, but this year I think I'll follow through. I think all three judges are pretty mean, though! When someone walks into the room and Paula grabs Randy's shoulder while she turns away to laugh - before any singing STARTS - that's just rude. At least Simon has the courtesy to sit there to see if there's anything to the voice before he dishes out the Bush Baby comments.

9:30 AM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger Masked Mom said...

I would definitely be the last to complain about it being too mainstream (you know our musical taste is too much alike for that). I don't watch because it pains me so to see the sincere but untalented ones get shot down. The idiots on the other hand, who are either delusional or in denial about their "abilities," those I can stand to see shot down. But you never know who's going to come through the door and I can't take the risk. I'm a big baby.

9:17 AM, January 28, 2007  

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