Sunday, November 11, 2007

MomCat Reviews: Bee Movie--Too much buzz, not enough sting...

Jerry Seinfeld is quoted regularly around our house. My husband I still love Seinfeld in reruns even. Some episodes are so firmly ingrained in my mind that it has seeped into my vocabulary. For example, when something really gets me, I do grimace and scowl "Newman!!!" and I have been known to pass on tales to my hubby of "close talkers" or "someone who gives something and then wants it back." (If you didn't watch the show, you will get none of that of course.)

Today, we took the kids to see Bee Movie expecting a little Seinfeldian humor to be pumped into our pint sizers, or at least be enough over their heads for us to enjoy while they giggle at little insects on the screen.

Sadly, I was a little disappointed, which surprised me. This is the third children's movie I have been to in a row that I have been underwhelmed with, all and all. Ratatouille had its moments, but still had some really slow parts. Underdog, both of my children loved and I literally fell asleep during the biggest action scenes. I also dozed some today in Bee Movie.

Worse than that, we had to sit through some of the most violent and disturbing promos (The Golden Compass and the Spiderwink Chronicles) in our G movie with my three-year-old that made me want to cover both my kids eyes.

Yes, there were some funny moments in Bee Movie. John Goodman's over-the-top Southern lawyer stole the courtroom scenes and made me laugh aloud. And, there were other cute moments scattered throughout the movie. But, for the most part it was yawn inducing for me. I also liked Patrick Warburton (aka David Putty from Seinfeld days) annoying boyfriend character and there were a few good bug on-liners in the cameos from Chris Rock and others.

But as we were leaving the theater, I thought to myself, what is happening to all of the great kids movies? Finding Nemo remains a favorite in our house, as does Monsters Inc, all the Stuart Littles, and even the more recent Madagascar. In the past year, I can't think of a single movie that can compare with any of those movies at all, can you?

The good news is, it looks like Thanksgiving will bring some other safe/fun kid flicks with Dustin Hoffman's Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, The Water Horse (cute film based on the Loch Ness monster fable), and other holiday blockbusters. I guess there's a reason the Bee Movie was put out before the holidays. All the buzz aside, Jerry's kid movie landed on my windshield with a splat.

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Blogger Nicole said...

I'm so glad you wrote this because I was wondering it it was worth seeing. I, too, have been very underwhelmed at the quality of kids' movies lately. I still love Toy Story adn Nemo and even Pee Wee's Big Adventure hold its own against the new stuff! I hope the Emporium one turns out as good as it looks. And it's even rated G! Holy Moly those are hard to find these days.

8:41 AM, November 12, 2007  
Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Thanks for previewing this for me. I will Netflix it. What about the new movie "Enchantment" or something like that? It looks pretty interesting in the previews.

I also agree about the previews anymore not matching the movie and audience!

1:14 PM, November 14, 2007  

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