Saturday, March 29, 2008

Like, Eminem...I'm cleaning out my closet.

No, I'm not digging a grave for my "mama" in the rain (video reference), I am literally cleaning out my closets. And, I know...this has all the excitement of a blog post about watching the laundry dry or the clock tick. But, stay with me if you can bear it...

It started out a few weeks ago when, after our quarterly pest control guy came, we started finding some very large flying inhabitants cropping up around our house. I'm talking about roaches, folks. And, I am NOT tolerant of those things at ALL. But, for those who don't live in a balmy (read humid as hell) climate like Houston, sometimes you have to learn to deal with such things. Personally, I'd just as soon move away to some dry area where the hard-shelled freaks that won't die can't live, but since none of my family will go for that I have to get over it.

So, I started cleaning out cabinets, closets, and getting rid of all the extra stuff we pack away here. Really, I was checking for my flying friends to see just where they have been crawling and how many of them there are left. It is really a good feeling, each time I finish an area too. Especially when I come out without any roach encounters! So far, I've been all clear in that area, thankfully. But, last night as I perched myself on a very high barstool and cleaned out the top kitchen cabinets armed with nothing but a rolling pin, I pondered just what I'd exactly do if a honking big one came flying out at my head really.

So, I'm wondering tonight, how often do you clean out your closets, cabinets, etc and purge the old? Do you hang on to clothes you once liked and hope to wear again? Do you keep just the things you wear weekly and a few other dressy outfits for special occasions only. I'm considering a major purge because every time I clear out an area and make my Goodwill, garage sale and garbage piles, I feel happier and more carefree. Maybe it is all of these "simplify" your life articles and blogs I have been reading lately. Something tells me, I am on to something!


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Hmmm... well, I clean out the kids' closets more often than I clean out mine. I'd say once a year for the kids'. It should be more, but... eh.

My pantry - less than I should. It's under the stairs and it isn't working very well, but I don't really know what to do about it. It seems that every time I fix it, it gets messy in the blink of an eye. You may have inspired me to actually figure out a better plan.

The linen closet... ehh... every couple of months or so but only because it gets so disastrously messy.

I purge as often as I can. Somethings, though, aren't purged... I just can't part with some stuff.


7:46 AM, March 30, 2008  
Anonymous Wickedly Scarlett said...

That's one of the nice things about moving every couple of years--it's definite motivation to clean out the stuff you really aren't using when you're packing or unpacking!

The pantry and cabinets I just try to keep organized on a daily basis--when I start being unable to find things in the pantry, that's when it's time to do a clean outh!

1:39 PM, March 30, 2008  

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