Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DVD Reviewarama

What do you do when you're cooped up in a house with double the family you normally have and no TV? Well, puzzles and jelly-making filled some of our time, but--thanks to Ike--a lot of our evenings have been spent watching DVDs. That blue and gold movie store has been like a good friend to me lately. So, in case you plan to rent one or two, I thought I'd share my 1-sentence review of a lot of recent new releases:

Charlie Bartlett - Like a modern day Ferris Buellar with a nice dark edge, I found this one pretty entertaining. (Pre-Ike rental--warning: not in-law friendly.)

What Happens in Vegas - Surprisingly funny in a predictable kind of way, this movie has some great one-liners. If you like the usual Ashton Kutcher flick, this is one of his better comedies.

Vantage Point - I chose to scrapbook instead of watching, but from the groans in the next room I don't think this is a good one to check out. My husband compared it to Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray, a movie I thought was hilarious and my hubs completely detested.

Meet Bill - The stinker of the bunch, the movie really, really SUCKETH. I really like Aaron Eckhart and wanted to like this one too. We started working a jigsaw and completely forgot this was on until we'd hear some character shout out a profanity, we'd look up and then return to our puzzle.

Charlie Wilson's War - Kind of lackluster, to be honest, especially for Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. I did find some of the historical details interesting, but something just fell flat about this one for me. Most everyone else liked it less than I did.

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Didn't watch, but my 17 yr old nephew, mother-in-law, and 9 yr old son did and it kept all their attention. All said it was pretty good and my son wasn't completely scared after it, which I'd worried about. Son wants us to rent it again so I can watch it and now wants to read the books.

The Bucket List - Tied as my favorite rental of the post-Ike weeks (along with Vegas), I found this moving more serious and touching and less funny than I thought it would be. The ending is quite lovely as is most movies that Morgan Freeman narrates.

Heads up--I will be posting a review and giveaway later today, but one word of advice about family DVD viewing. It is NOT a good idea to watch The 40-Year-Old Virgin with your family members. Some people just cannot see past the F-bombs and dirty talk to appreciate the humor.



Anonymous Niihaus said...

totally felt the same way about Charlie Wilson's War. And I loved The Bucket List!

When can family head back home?

5:00 PM, September 25, 2008  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

My sister-in-law and her son got power 2 days ago and headed home. My mother-in-law still doesn't have it. She's no bother really though--she leaves most of the day and helps me clean up after dinner. I'm actually getting quite spoiled by it!

7:17 PM, September 25, 2008  

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