Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not out of power, but still somewhat in the dark...

Through the whole hurricane and aftermath, I've felt this big wave of gratefulness. I feel very lucky that we just had no power for a short time, that our water is safe and we had only minor storm damage. The wind gusts took a 4x6 patch of shingles off our roof and we had a lot of water leaking in our house, but only in the entryway and one room. The roof is already fixed. The other fixes will happen later on when things calm down here--I know there are people with way more pressing needs than my ceiling and walls looking pretty right now.

But, we are without TV at my house. A fact that certain family members keep announcing to me. And, we cannot get a person out to fix our dish until early next week. So, because of this, I've been completely out of the loop about the aftermath of the storm, barring the stuff I've tried to read online about it. On the positive side, I'm getting VERY caught up on my DVR recordings and can recite the new releases at Blockbuster by heart.

With the death toll rising and people now being turned away from going to see the damage at their homes, again I feel very fortunate. The biggest issue I have is trying to managed a house full of family staying with us while everyone's nerves are completely frazzled. Everyone is tired. My family members want to get back home and aren't fully comfortable here. I'm sensitive to that and trying to make them comfortable and be very welcoming, telling them they can stay however long it takes. Comments get made that I take way too seriously and feel my feathers being ruffled. We're all close to snapping, and I recognize that.

So, I'd love to hear any advice/stories from you in comments, should you have time to leave them.

What's going on in the world?

How did you or your family fair through the storm?

How have you handled unexpected house guests for extended periods of time?

Do you know any tricks for making everyone relax and feel comfortable, all the while not working yourself to death trying to wait on everyone?

How do you do the hostess thing when you're overly tired and feeling sensitive and so is everyone else?

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Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

First, laugh.

Second - do not wait on people. They can help. Give everyone a chore - empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, cook dinner.. whatever. They will appreciate it because they will have something to do and feel useful. Make a chore chart if you have to. :-)

Third - take a walk (alone if you need to) get outside.

Fourth - Breathe... soon this will be a distant memory.

8:06 AM, September 18, 2008  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Thank you, LBC.You always have the best advice! I'm going to my spin class today--I'm sure after a little cycle, I'll feel MUCH better! Thanks for listening!

8:36 AM, September 18, 2008  
Blogger haute flash contessa said...

Hah, I survived the only way I know how: by laughing at the situation. We were very fortunate in that all we lost was power...but for NINE days!

I blogged about surviving Ike this morning:

It's short and snappy. Like my temper after NINE days withouth power. :)

I enjoy your blog and have added it to my blogroll.

2:53 PM, September 25, 2008  
Blogger Aunt Vanessa said...

I have been swamped and haven't had a minute to catch up with you, but I was thinking about you during the whole Ike thing and hoping you and your family were okay. Glad to know you're alright!

9:03 AM, September 28, 2008  

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