Thursday, September 11, 2008

MomCat Reviews: Yoplait Kids Yogurt

My daughter, as I've told you, is quite the picky eater. And, I've deduced by now that it is all about texture with her. She refuses to drink milk, which worries me constantly. Fortunately for me, she has always eaten yogurt and cheese. But, she's highly picky with her yogurts.

So, I was all too excited when Parent Bloggers Network asked me to taste-test Yoplait Kids yogurt. Why? Because my daughter has turned her nose up at TONS of different yogurts before, because they were too chunky, not the right fruit, you name it. And, Yoplait Kids yogurt is literally the only yogurt she will even try!

The best part about this taste-test is that I learned a lot about this brand of yogurt in the process that made me feel good. Like, for example, that it has 25% less sugar than most yogurts out there. And, also it provides an omega-3 fatty acid that helps support healthy brain growth.

Until now, the only two flavors of the Yoplait Kids yogurt cups that she has liked are the Dora (Vanilla Strawberry/Strawberry flavor combo) and her favorite (which is sometimes hard to find) Blues Clues (Banana/Vanilla flavor combo). I tried to branch out and have her try the drinkable yogurts, because how perfect are these for school lunches? But, it was a little too close to milk to her, so she rejected it without really trying it. No problem, my neighbors kids love them and they drank them down for us!

Even still, for me, this review was a win-win. She already likes the yogurt and eats it many times a week, and I get some calcium, and omega-3s in her without pumping her full of unnecessary sugar. And, now, I'll make this a win-win for you too. Click here to get a great coupon for $1.50 off Yoplait Kids yogurt.

AND, even more winning---another giveaway! Reply in comments by midnight Sept 12 and tell me what your kids favorite flavor of yogurt is and you could will a Yoplait Kids soft-sided lunchbox (more like a mini-cooler) and a My First Brain Quest game for kids ages 2-3. I'll announce the winner by noon Sept 13th!



Anonymous MizFit said...

my daughter is a huge McD's yogurt parfait fan (I KNOW but it isnt too too bad) and yet for some reason this momoftheyear never things to BUY yogurt at the grocery for her....

5:35 AM, September 12, 2008  

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