Sunday, September 07, 2008

Kibbles and Bits from the MomCat

It's Sunday, my husband and son are home from their campout and completely zonked out on our couch. My daughter has a neighbor friend over to play. And, I'm functioning solely on caffeine after not sleeping much for two days straight. (I never sleep when half of my family is away.) So, bear with my random tidbits:
  • Congrats to Lisette for responding first and winning the Tortoise & Hare DVD! Lisette, I hope your cousin enjoys it as much as my kids did! Thanks to all who responded!
  • Heads up on the reviews--the next week may be a little review heavy. I will have another small giveaway and a great book review though, so come and check it out.
  • Comments have been very sparse lately, although I'm getting my normal amount of hits. What--cat got your tongue? (Couldn't resist that one...)
  • Why is it whenever you have a whole weekend to watch chick flicks and scrapbook and do just what you want to do, does it fly by like the blink of an eye and you don't realize it until it is already over?
  • Anyone watch the new 90210? I didn't. I'm curious...but not curious enough to spend the time to watch. Dish if you did...
  • My mind has been swirling about Sarah Palin and my thoughts on watching the Republican National Convention, but I better wait until I can form a coherent post on that one.
  • Anyone else watching the MTV awards tonight for the sheer fact that they want to see what Britney Spears does THIS year?
  • In a moment of weakness and self-criticism, I actually bought this book yesterday. I like Jillian and she reminds me of my old trainer here, very tough and no frills. The book looks quite good. Have any of you read it? I'd kill for her abs, that's for sure!
  • I have an exciting opportunity I'm working up with regards to supporting moms in my neck of the woods and the web. Looking forward to telling you about it soon!
  • This next week I have got to focus on my nutrition now that I'm back working out reasonably again. I feel like a slug. A slug who does spin class...but, alas, still a slug.
More soon and, as always, if you ever have feedback for me you can email me at crazymomcat at gmail dot com.


Anonymous ame i . said...

I didn't watch 90210, but as I was flipping channels I stopped long enough to hear one chick call another "Bitch-Lips", which I thought was slightly amusing.
Sorry, that's all I got!

8:11 AM, September 08, 2008  
Anonymous Wickedly Scarlett said...

Here I am! I've been a bad blog reader of late... I'm sorry!!

I did watch 90210 and I'm undecided as of now. I'm going to give it a couple more episodes to suck me in (I really want to see the Spring Awakening episode), but if it doesn't improve I'm going to jump ship. It's no Gossip Girl, that's for sure!

I heard that Brit didn't perform on the VMAs, so I didn't end up watching and I really don't regret it. I'm sure my gossip blogs will catch me up on all of the important stuff ;)

11:36 AM, September 08, 2008  
Blogger kristi said...

I didn't watch 90210 but I thought about it for like a second.

10:28 AM, September 12, 2008  

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