Thursday, May 19, 2005

Xcaret, Mexico--"Day Four: Hammockers, Schlammockers!"

After the wildlife park adventure, we took another low-key day. Oh, heck, I'll admit it...the whole darn trip was low-key! It is the first vacation I have taken where I spent a good majority of my time relaxing, if you can believe it. No schedules! We just enjoyed our kids and swam and ate WAY too much. We also seemed to be on an every-other-day "crabby pattie" for breakfast schedule, as we had our moments of family bickering again this day. I started having flash-backs to the very few family vacations I went on as a kid and how much we all argued everytime after about 3-4 days in a car or hotel room with one other. Family, gotta' love 'em!

One of our favorite spots to get in touch with our lounging selves was this hammock area right off of the beach outside of the beach club buffet and seafood restaurant for the resort. We actually managed to get our two live-wire kids to get into the hammock spirit and be STILL for maybe 30 seconds for a change!

Help! I've been swallowed by this hammock! Posted by Hello

My Hubby Considers Taking Up Residence in His Hammock  Posted by Hello

A VERY Rare Five Seconds of Stillness from My Daughter Posted by Hello

The funny thing is, there was a staircase leading down from this through a lush area of plants and then to a small pool. We'd tossed around the idea of swimming there earlier in the trip and had never made it. Then, I noticed a mention of an "adult pool" in our map of the resort. My sister had warned me that the public beaches in the area had a lot of nudity. But, since this was privated property and billed a family resort, I didn't think anything of it.

As we were getting up to leave our hammocks and go have lunch, I mentioned to my hubby my suspicions about the pool. My son wanted to try his hand at the digital camera and took this really cool shot of a bird about to take flight. (I'm quite impressed, aren't you?)

My Five-Year-Old Proves He's Already a Better Photog Than His Mom Posted by Hello

As we walked over to look over the railing of the deck the hammocks were on, my husband elbows me and discreetly motions in the direction of the pool. He quickly takes my son (who'd just had his camera pointed in that direction) up to the restaurant. I look across the lush green grass that separated us on our raised deck from the grass huts and pool down the hillside below.

It was then that I had a genuine "Something About Mary" moment. Yes, folks, it was as if I was Matt Dillon eagerly looking through those binoculars, expecting to see Cameron Diaz's hot bod and instead catching Magda's sagging, leather-like, over-tanned breasts in full zoom mode. UGH! A woman had apparently been sunbathing on her stomach and took THAT moment to stand up, and leisurely stretch and look around.

I quickly ran up to the hotel and had to contain my laughter so as not to make a scene. My husband later told me he actually had just seen the lady laying on her stomach and saw her move to get up and that's when he abruptly left. Lucky guy! I have an image that will stay with me forever now...ewww!

Later that night, we ended up back at the seafood restaurant for dinner. (This place was the most "foofy" of the very nice restaurants we ate at, and I have to say, we actually hated it the most!) The dinner was tense because we didn't like the food, the wait staff and other patrons acted annoyed that we had our kids there, and our kids were just so zonked this day.

Before the "Foofy" Dinner Posted by Hello

After we ate, we decided to walk down towards this pool, which was closed and abandoned for the night. Two other couples had walked down just before us and were laughing about something as we got to them. I heard one girl say, "Yeah and we saw a total "Magda" today too, if you can believe it!" I had to walk away to keep from laughing aloud.

As we left, we saw a beautiful dinner table set up by the oceanside. It was well lit and had a starched white tablecloth with a fancy setting around it and flowers encircling the area. It looked like a perfect romantic setting and my hubby commented that it sure looked like a scene from one of "The Bachelor" dates. I really wanted to stay and find out who was getting this lucky dinner, feeling certain that we might see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or some other hot new couple. Sigh, but alas, my kids were tired, it was a long hike back to the hotel and seeing the table only kind of put a damper on our our already disappointing evening.

Perhaps another time I will blog about how it really doesn't add a spark of romance to your almost 14-year marriage to go on a family vacation and have a 1 room suite (uh, aren't suites SUPPOSED to be 2 separate rooms?) with your two children, all the while seeing couples sharing romantic moments in paradise and elegant dinner tables set for only two.

Tune in tomorrow for more exciting anecdotes in "Day Five: So, What's UP with this Sand Stuff, Anyway?"


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