Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Of Teletubbies and Tactful Talks...

You know you're tired when...

1. You WILLINGLY plant your 1-year-old in front of The Teletubbies and HOPE she'll get hooked.

2. You don't freak out when you get news that your sister and her family, who NEVER visit you, are going to spend their entire vacation at YOUR house...for SIX LONG DAYS!

There is a reason I haven't written much about my family on this blog. One, because I love them and I'd never want to hurt their feelings should they stumble across this. (I don't know why I think they would. They don't even read my family-friendly photo blog at Sincerely Steph, even though I pretty much update that one for them!)

But, I also don't write about them on here because it really would open the floodgates. I almost have too MUCH material to write about there. And, my friends, you'd get tired of hearing about it--I am quite certain! In a nutshell, I love my family, but I feel quite different from them most of time.

Oh, and, did I fail to mention that the week my sister has chosen to come here is the week before my son's 6th birthday? No, they won't be here for THAT, but they'll be here the ENTIRE TIME I need to be getting ready for it.

Did I tell you that the last time she came with her husband it was during my son's 3rd birthday? And that she and he chose to go "mud-dawg'in" (and that IS the accepted spelling in some parts of Texas, I believe) with his new truck during the time she'd promised to help me make the cake? And, then they showed up under an hour before the party and didn't understand why we didn't have the time to leave and go pull the truck OUT of the mud and help them get it cleaned off? Oh, did I mention that her husband has not been back to our house since this incident (presumably, because he was mad that we didn't delay our son's birthday and help him out with his dumb truck)?

OK, whew...I'm closing those floodgates...the carpet was starting to get wet. The teletubbies are getting their paddle boats. Sorry, but what did I tell you?

Anyway, add to this the fact that I have the type of personality that feels the need to entertain people 24-7 when they are at my house. Since they never come, I'll feel like I need to show them a good time and make sure they have fun all week. Well, how can I do that and prepare for the party?

So, now, I have to either find a way to tactfully tell my 8-years-younger sister that she and her family need to stay fewer days, or I need to suggest they go do things without us or something. Anyone have any advice on how to tactfully do this without insulting them?

Part of me thinks I should not say anything, because most of the time my sister bails on coming or she makes a last minute quick drive here for a day and then leaves (without bringing her daughter and husband). I have until mid-July for her to do that. And, the odds of that happening here, based on past history, are good. Although, she keeps calling me and announcing the dates they are coming, which has me worried.

What would you do? We can't afford to take them to every tourist site in Houston either...although that might be the expectation. And, we usually try to pay for someone's dinner when they are here, but we can't afford that every night along with our current projects underway in our house, our son's camps and birthday gifts, etc.

OK, I'm going to say a "Teletubbies Bye-Bye" now or those gates might just open right up again. And little rainbow colored fuzzy blobs might be swimming for months. And GOD KNOWS, we can't have that around here!

"Bye-Bye, Tinkie Winkie."


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