Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go, Mohawk!

This is a flat-out dumb blog entry. But, I have to share something. I've casually been watching Rock Star: INXS. OK, wait, please don't flame me. Before I get into why I watch all this reality crap, let me get my beef out here.

So, if you haven't watched, they started with like 30 singers all vying to become INXS's next lead singer. First off, didn't Michael Hutchins off himself like 20 years ago or something? Isn't this a little late coming? But, secondly, that is WAY too many performers and this show has really been dragged out to several nights a week. It is worse than American Idol if you can believe that. (Yes, I just admitted to you that I watch American Idol. Wait! Don't flame me yet. I'll explain in a moment...I promise!)

So, I just watch about every 3rd or 4th show to keep up with who is left really. And the main reason I am watching is because of
this guy. I LOVE this mohawked dude! He is fantastic. I almost think he's TOO good for the band, especially after reading his bio on the website. And this is the part where I get frustrated because every week, he is in the bottom three based on votes people have casted. The band and judges love him. The live audience loves him. The CAMERA loves this guy. He is ripped without an ounce of fat on his body. He is beautiful and performs like a seasoned pro. And, yet, every week he's in the bottom.

Either this show is completely scripted to come out with him winning, playing the lovable underdog to get ratings, or something is wrong in this world. Is he being discriminated against? Seriously? He's African American and the only African American that made it to the show (as far as I can remember...there may have been someone early on though). Every time I watch, this guy gets more and more emotional and angry that he's being put through the ringer. And, every time I watch, he churns out fabulously perfect performances. It then makes me so mad that I don't watch for a few weeks...and then tune it to watch the cycle repeat itself.

So, if you have watched this show and agree or disagree with me, comment back. I'm curious to see if anyone else agrees or if I just have a voice crush on the dude!

Now, on to my explanation of my t.v. viewing habits. I watch the worst of them, people. But, I have a defense prepared. It's in my blood. I can recall many a night watching The Dukes of Hazzard and Married with Children (my Dad's two favorite shows next to old army movies and Hogan's Heroes) with my dear old Dad. And, I think he has warped my mind into only liking trash t.v. Yes, on that rare occasion, I can watch a Nova on PBS or something on Discovery Channel or Biography and I feel somewhat cultured and refined. But that feeling goes away when a commercial comes on and I click over with delight to find another episode of Surreal Life on VH1 or Made on MTV. (And, incidentally, I almost always don't click back to the refined shit either.)

So, I'm sorry that I am part of the reason reality t.v. has taken hold and won't let go. Even worse than this though, is that I'm every advertiser/t.v. producer's dream audience member. I fall for every overly-gimicked, hyped show advertised for my age-range. Desperate Housewives IS my favorite show, as was Melrose Place back in the day. I liked Ally McBeal too. I fall into every marketing ploy they shoot at me and while the hours away watching crap that only makes my brain absorb more useless trivia than anyone should ever know.

Someday, there will be some contest for people who only know stupid and useless crap that doesn't make a difference in the world, and I will win it hands down. I won't NEED a cool mohawk or tight abs to tell you the winning answer. Yes, I can give the exact real names of the cast of Eight is Enough. Yes, I can tell you what professions the Seaver parents held on Growing Pains. So, bring it on...I've got a million of these bizarre-but-useless factoids just stored away for such an occasion!


Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Well, I hate pulling the race card, but I think some discrimination might be involved in Ty's case, just because the few American Idols I've seen have involved black contestants getting voted off by the public, shocking the judges and the live audience because these contestants were soooo much better than their competition. Yet black contestants have won American Idol, too. Hard to say what's going on here.

And don't feel bad about your trash TV obsession. It's a mom thing, I think. We need eye candy, not thought provoking pseudo-intellectual boredom. We need America's Next Top Model (my personal favorite) and Being Bobby Brown and by the way, I've been meaning to catch that reality show that takes place in the Playboy Mansion... I mean, does it get any better than that?!

7:24 AM, August 25, 2005  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Oh! I found ANTM on VH1 in reruns and watched one of the old seasons and LOVED it! You are right, as moms our minds are TIRED and we just want something fun to watch.

11:44 AM, August 25, 2005  

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