Monday, October 17, 2005

Tag, I'm IT! (UPDATED)

I've added two other random facts at the bottom--just some things I thought of today..
The inspirational and fantastically talented Christina tagged me today. So, here's a list of 20 random things about myself. Next I'm to tag as many people as it took minutes for me to write my list. It took me 10 minutes, so 10 of you have been "marked" for meme. Here goes nothin'...

20 random facts:
1) I am addicted to watching Desparate Housewives, DIY Scrapbooking, and decorating shows.

2) I really suck at tennis. Really.
3) I lettered in 4 sports in high school (track, cross country, basketball, volleyball).
4) I have never been to Europe or Asia. (Or many other countries!)
5) I know most every small town name in the state of Texas.
6) I grew up in a town with a population of 3,149. (It's gone down now...some old people died.)
7) I have lived in 3 of the 4 largest cities in Texas since graduating from college.

8) I love Wheat Thins.
9) I hate broccoli (but I'm still trying to change!)
10) I used to be quite obsessive about celebrity news and gossip.

11) At one point, I could recite almost every big line from John Cusack's "Better Off Dead."
12) Two songs will literally make me squeal in fear: Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" and the theme song from "Unsolved Mysteries."
13) My greatest fear is never finding my true calling in life and pursuing that.
14) My second greatest fear is not being a good enough Mom to my kids.
15) When I was working in my chosen profession, I actually liked to index books. (Nerd alert, nerd alert!)

16) Foreign language was my weakest class in college, though I love learning about cultures.
17) I took enough additional hours in Political Science for a second minor. Loved it!
18) I'm too chicken to bungee jump or parachute, but I think I would like to hang glide or parasail.

19) I got the "Coaches Award" my senior year for the basketball player who worked the hardest. At the time, it just pissed me off, but now I am proud of that.
20) If I could have any talent in the world, I wish I could sing well. Second, I wish I could paint or draw well.

21) I'm very tired of owning an oversized SUV, but I have only had it for two years. I feel physical pain when I fill up at the pump and it costs me $65-70. I am part of the polution problem in our world and I hate that!
22) I think I have MPD or something really "off" with my personality. Yesterday, I was late for Bible study at my church because I had to sit in the parking lot and hear the end of Kanye West's, "Gold Digger." What is wrong with this picture? Nevermind the fact that I had it cranked up really loud and all of the white-haired sect at our church probably walked straight to the chapel to say a prayer for me..."Get down, girl, go 'head, get down!"

I’m tagging (if you choose to play--no big deal if not!): Dipu, Lisa, Barbara, Andrew, Lucinda, Theresa, Angela, Tyra, chrixean, Masked Mom


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