Sunday, June 04, 2006

A few doors down...

I wrote this about some friends and their struggles.
It may be a little goofy and sing-songy, but it is where my mind has been lately...

Just a few doors down, a family is struggling.
The small ones are unsure of anything anymore.
A broken-hearted parent puts on a brave face.
And a scared mother leaves out the front door.

Just a few doors down, there were problems.
Was it abuse, was it neglect?
No one is sure, though everyone is talking
Picking sides and making their bets.

She left a few weekends ago,
her kids not yet realizing what it means.
Bragging to their friends that they now have two houses,
instead of seeing the grays--the in-betweens.

And you are left baffled and wondering,
about this friend that you'd been around.
And you understand deep down that no one really knows,
what goes on just a few doors down.

We live our lives behind closed doors,
drawing blinds so no one will see.
Wondering if others know our deep secrets,
if others fight, struggle and then agree to disagree.

Perhaps this shook your very core,
because in them you see what could have been you.
If one of you had chosen to walk away,
leave behind the dream, and start anew.

How close you thought you came so many times,
yet understanding now you never knew that pain,
in reality you were never really close at all,
and your life is in no way the same.

Just a few doors down, someone is crying,
wondering why their mother went away,
a soul is left wondering where to begin,
while another picks up the pieces where he'll stay.

The lesson you have learned from it all,
is something they lost but you found.
That you never know what is going on,
just a few doors down.


Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Steph, you should be a songwriter!

9:09 AM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Nicole said...

Wow. That is powerful and poetic. I just found out one on my neighbors is in the middle of a divorce and the mom has left, too. I was also freaked out. Who knows what kind of dramas are playing out every day all around us...

3:16 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Masked Mom said...

I sometimes think no one--no matter how close they are to another couple--knows what's going on in there. Shoot, even one or both of the people in the couple may not know...

3:32 PM, June 05, 2006  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

I can just hear Faith Hill singing this. What a poignant, sad, but beautiful piece of work.

5:05 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Babs said...

Do you happen to be a Dwight Yoakam fan? You totally reminded me of his song, called "Two Doors Down" Here are the lyrics:

btw, it's a really good song... just like your poem!

12:30 PM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger Babaloo said...

That gave me chills... I think because you touched such an important truth. You just don't know what goes on behind closed doors beyond (in your neighbor's case) that someone's reality is being shattered. Great poem!

2:19 PM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Come to Nashville! You belong on Music Row.

So sad.

9:29 PM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger It's okay, Sweetie said...

Wow. I have my Sirius Player going as I read this. Tuned to Spa 73. A haunting song playing while I read this. Very moving. Here from Suburban Turmoil.

1:40 AM, June 07, 2006  

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