Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random Bits of Goodness All Fried Up in One Pot

Welcome back to the Stir Fry, a little bit of this-and-that floating around in this crazy kitty's brain, all mixed up in my big wok for your reading consumption. OK, so I was too busy to get a Stir Fry in for Friday. So, how about a weekend edition? Saturday stir fry? Here you go, enjoy!

  • I just saw the best movie out there for all little boys and maybe some fathers too. OK, I'll admit it, I enjoyed it too. How to Eat Fried Worms was a great book that I remembered reading as a kid. The movie version does it justice as well. It's all still there, the big worm eating challenge, the special worm dishes cooked up for the dare, and the juvenile humor. My son was laughing out loud, as was I. But, mixed in was the real reason I wanted him to see the movie, the lesson of dealing with bullies in the best way you know how and ended up on the top for just being yourself. In this day and age, it is refreshing to see a movie that has a great moral lesson that kids can take away with them. Even the bully in the movie ends up changing his tune. It was a definite thumbs up. Now, if I can just get out of taking him to see Barnyard...

  • I freaking hate BLOGGER! Since I got my new design, it only randomly lets me insert a graphic in my entries using its handy dandy button interface. Most often, I have to cut and paste a path to an old graphic in, then change the file name. Don't ask me why this works, but it does. Kiss it, Blogger!

  • I'm starting to realize that my late-night, insomniac habits may be a little off of kilter. I shared with a friend that when I can't sleep I use my favorite search engine to find out more about everything. Want to know more about the Universal Unitarian religion? It's all there! Wondering how they got the name "donuts" (doughnuts)? It is one click away! You see, if something puzzles me during the day, I think--hmm...I should look that up. Quite often, at 2 in the morning, these things will be floating in my head, calling me out of bed to find the answers. I've learned quite a lot doing this actually, like whether Nick Arrojo on What Not to Wear is gay (nope, married) and how long Carmindy (same show) has been in the makeup biz. I have this theory that the best way to really learn about someone is to tap into their search engine searches and see just what the hell they're reading about when no one is looking. However, I'm quite certain if someone did that to me, I would be committed for life!

  • I've not really understood the trend of bloggers to create their own t-shirts and sell them online. I guess if everyone knew I blogged,I might see the humor in buying one. And, if I did buy one, it most certainly would be this one I think.

  • So, tell me any of you stay-at-home moms out there, have you gotten the organization itch yet? My friends have now pulled me into this back-to-school bug. One friend painted her daughters entire room on the first day both her kids were in school. The other friend is going through her closets. Me, I was all about finally get a good brow wax after a summer of bushy mini-moustaches sitting above my lids. But, tonight, while my daughter was in the bath, I tackled her closet and it sure feels good to be organized. Next stop, my son's closet and a stop off at If you haven't checked this site out, you will be amazed!

  • Well, I'm biting the bullet and seeing a dietician. My husband got me a heartrate monitor for my birthday. Now, I have discovered one of two things A> I either don't know how to work the darn thing or B> I'm burning a freakish amount of calories with my workouts (I choose to believe B. SHUT UP and let me live in my pretty little world!)

    So, that means it is what I'm eating. Since I don't eat a TON, I have to assume it is the combination of what I'm eating. So, I'm taking a chance. If this diet "hoser" tries to tell me to "eat whole wheat" and shit, I may have to kickbox her. I've been eating whole wheat since before it was totally cool to eat whole wheat, people. I know the way of high fiber/whole grain. Give me A BREAK!

    More updates to come on how this appointment goes... If nothing helpful comes of this, I will be hiring a trainer and possibly converting to Kabbalah because WTF, if Madge can look this fab at almost 50, when she has the Russian Mafia breathing down her neck, then why the hell can't I?

  • I'm enjoying some new blogs lately and returning to an old favorite. Check out Mamaritaville and PhatMommy for some grins and Cheryl at Paper Napkin is always a great read. The second two bloggers are taking on something I can't even imagine doing myself, homeschooling. My hat's off to them for that!

OK, now that I'm reading back over this, this stir fry is very bland. I need some spice! Oh, wait, I think I got that last weekend. OK, bland veggies and rice will do for awhile, I guess!


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Loved your post! I am going out for coffee with the girls tomorrow to celebrate the 1st day of school. We do it every year! The organization and laundry can wait one more day.

11:52 AM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

I like your stirfry idea. It's great! I've always wanted a dietician, so take advantage of that. All the stars have them. :)

9:37 PM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Jenn said...

I once used a dietician because I was exercising like a fiend but not losing a thing. Know what she told me? "Eat smaller portions." Yup, I paid $120 to be told to eat less. The hardest part is eating less...looking at that half-a-softball sized serving of pasta on my plate and trying to convince myself I'll feel full afterwards.

I hope yours gives you better advice!

3:45 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger Babaloo said...

I loved "How To Eat Fried Worms." My boys laughed the whole way through too.
Hope the dietician can give you some new insights because if I was exercising my ass off w/ no results... I'd be PISSED!

5:58 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger MommaK said...

My kids are dying to see that movie! It looks very, very gross though. I don't know if I can handle it. is back in session and the diet is back on. I went to my first jazzercise class in months and I am really feeling it. ugh.

I keep waking up to these infomercials about weight loss. I think it's a sign...

7:47 PM, August 28, 2006  

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