Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Bits of Goodness All Fried Up in One Pot

Crazy MomCat

Welcome back to a Sunday edition of the Stir Fry--a heaping bowl full of all the crazy things floating around in my brain, all mixed up in my big wok for your reading consumption. It's been awhile since we've dined, so dig in and enjoy! Don't worry, there's no MSG!

  • My throat feels like raw meat right now. Don't you hate that just before getting sick feeling and the realization that you may get to spend turkey day feeling like crap? Ironically, the last Stir Fry I wrote several months ago had me whining about a cold. Is Stir Fry making me sick? One has to wonder!

  • NaBloPoMo is kicking my buttocks, but it is on the downward slope now. I think I can finish, I think I can finish! A little push, people...just give me a little push!

  • I'm finding myself struggling still with diet changes to make an impact with weight loss. It's depressing to me to work out as hard as I do and not have it show on the scale, even if I'm gaining muscle. Future blog posts on this to come soon...

  • Married folks, don't you hate the cyclical ups and downs that committed relationships bring? Or is this just my committed relationship? I have nothing else to say on this, just that.

  • I'm attempting to stalk an editor right now for a local publication for which I'm dying to break into freelance writing. The first edition of the magazine came to my doorstep this week and I read it cover to cover. I'm more certain than ever that I'm a great fit for this publication. Any tips from freelance writers out there? How do I get this editor to stop blowing my stay-at-home mom ass off long enough to see that I know how to write?

  • Ironically or not, I discovered when reading that first edition that a writer for which I used to sub-contract is a features writer on the magazine. I did good work for her and we had a great working relationship. My paranoid/insecure side wonders if she was the reason I didn't get the gig yet. My self-confident side says I need to contact her and work her to get in the door or name-drop to the editor. What would you do?

  • A teaser: there are big shifts going on around the MomCat house recently with regards to where we spend the holidays. More soon on that...

  • Also, I was so thrilled to pick up my mother-in-law's copy of Southern Living magazine and see that cookbook author Susie Thacker was featured in a two-page article! Her cookbook is one I reviewed here awhile back for several other websites. I still cook from it to this day and get rave reviews. Well-deserving props go out to a mom who is getting her great book publicized and out there!

  • My gym is closed for renovation during Thanksgiving week. And, my plans to jog the neighborhood trails instead have been thwarted by reports of a man exposing himself to unsuspecting women on the trails. I don't know if I fear more what I'd say or do to this pervert if he approached me, or what he'd do to me, but I'm going to have to high-tail it somewhere else for awhile. Ugh. What has this world come to?

  • My teenage nephew completely blew all my preconceived notions about teenage boys out the window this past weekend when he stayed with us. The boy didn't suck down pure junk food, he was polite and even won over my two-year-old who definitely doesn't like older boys/men for some reason (this perplexes me), and he played with my son anytime he asked. He didn't stay up too late, or jump on our computers when we weren't looking or stay on the phone the entire time either! He didn't sleep very late, didn't even eat breakfast both days, and was really nice to be around! I guess I need to find out what my sister-in-law is doing and hope I'm already doing that for my kids. I will enjoy them during their teens if they are that well-behaved!

  • I guess that's it for tonight! Check back soon for second helpings of some of the things I teased in this stir fry!


Blogger Masked Mom said...

--My only advice on the freelancing front is to remember that very often the decision are based on a thousand things other than a writers talent and abilities. I just don't think there's a magical formula for getting through to a particular editor (or if there is it's different for every one and therefore, completely useless). So all you can do is the best you can do and whatever happens you'll know you did that. (Take it from me trying and failing is way better than wondering!)

--Marriage ups and downs--oh yeah. Just when you think you can coast a little, relax, everything shifts.

--And NaBloPoMo--hang in there!!!! It really kicked my ass this weekend--especially Sunday (as evidenced by my pathetic Sunday post), if that's any consolation.

7:07 AM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

You need to contact the freelance writer. I would call the editor too, if you haven't done so already, since it's a local publication. Getting your work published means that you have to step outside the box and out of your comfort zone and work it, girl! And don't take it personally if it doesn't work out- just keep trying. :)

Good luck!

11:14 AM, November 21, 2006  
Blogger Tamara said...

As for the married folks comment re: cyclical ups and downs, God Steph, all I can say is Yes, I hate them. It is not just you. Sometimes I am almost convinced that I am just not cut out for being married in general and that the kids are the only reason I stay. Is that awful? Ugh. The feeling usually passes. Or at least it always has thus far. ;) I believe it will pass for you too. Hang in there. Try having a cocktail at around 4 in the afternoon. That's a healthy pick-me-up that has worked for me... ;)

8:53 AM, November 22, 2006  

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