Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bulleted brain bouncing...

I've got nothing substantial that I can stop and blog about, so instead enjoy where my brain bounces when I use bullets.
  • Don't you just love stumbling across a new voice that you can't get enough of? No, I'm not talking about my karaoke exploits again. I'm talking about Sara Bareilles. She's like a softer more easy-going Fiona Apple in her early days. I downloaded her newest CD and I keep listening to it over and over, loving it more by the minute. And I have a trip coming up this next weekend so I can completely "OD" on it there and back on the flight. Music makes MomCat so happy! Yay!
  • Explain to me how an 8-year-old boy can still have extreme night terrors/nightmares, and yet will take his new skateboard down a driveway at high speeds without elbow or knee pads and brag about his latest stunts thus causing his mother twice the stress in one day? Me thinks I really need this weekend getaway to see an old friend...
  • On the subject of nightmares...any tips for helping with this? Last night was the second night that my son has let out an long blood-curdling scream about 2:30 a.m. and sprinted down the stairs to our room completely terrified. My heart was racing for a good 30 minutes after this, but worse was that I was so wired and worried afterward that I stayed awake for the next 3 hours. Ugh!
  • I apologize for my lack of blogging about things that matter--such as my weekend marriage retreat, which was amazing. Aside from the difficulty of not knowing where to begin with how it went, or how much to share, we have also had hiccups since then that quickly discouraged me. Thankfully, we worked through them using the tools we've learned, so I'm still very happy with taking the time and spending the money on the workshop. One of these days, I'll sit down and tell you all about it, I promise!
  • Why do I find myself hating the work in the old field that I used to actually like so much? The pay is incredible, the hours so flexible, my boss is more a friend and peer than a boss. It is perfect. But, I can't get motivated or into it. I find myself thinking more about my latest fluffy magazine story, getting assignments out for the next issue, and so forth. Have the long hours of a magazine editor completely ruined me for a future in an actually lucrative paying job when both the kids are in school? I really didn't expect this!
  • What do you do when you're asked to review something by the actual creator of the product and you agree, later to find that you have no interest at all in spending the time researching so you can give an objective opinion? Ahh...finally the negative to getting all of this free stuff! Argh!
  • And, speaking of, I was giving the opportunity to try out a new running shoe in exchange for a write-up. It's the first review that I've been so anxious and happy to do because, dang, I really need new treads in a big way. And, now it keeps getting delayed. I don't want to buy new shoes, but my feet are killing me. Double ARGH!
OK, enough "arghing" for tonight. I'm turning in! Share your latest favorite CD in comments, will ya? I need more new tunes for my girls' weekend trip to see my dear friend and kimosabe!

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Blogger sophie said...

I love finding new music. One of my favorites is Dar Williams. She started in the Boston folk scene, but now lives in the "pop" section at Borders. Beautiful voice, powerful lyrics.

We have 9 year olds, and haven't had to deal with the nightmare thing too much. They do have them, but not the *wake up screaming* kind. WIshing you luck as you deal with the challenge!

9:53 AM, August 10, 2007  

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