Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your advice again...

Last week, I polled you all about reviews and whether folks preferred a separate review site or just reviews posted on my own site. Since that time I've been approached by a few other places to do reviews. Until now, I've mainly done reviews for a couple of the parenting sites listed in my sidebar.

This has been a nice experience. But, recently I was approached by an author to review her discipline book. This one was a no-brainer for me, because I'd read other titles of hers and actually had bought the exact book she wanted me to review only a few weeks before. (Yes, positive discipline is a high priority in our house right now!) You'll see that review in the coming weeks from me here.

But, today I was approached by a single company to review kids shoes. I think this company is fairly well known and put my feelers out for other blogging mom friends to see if any had been approached or reviewed these shoes before. I mean, believe me, getting a free pair of little girls dress shoes, valued at $55, is not something I'll usually turn down!

But, I started to think---where does this all end. And, more than that, how do I know if these are legitimate companies? I have to give them my address to have them mail me the product to review. Am I setting myself up for scams or almost worse--junk mail to the hilt--by doing these product reviews? Or should I jump on board and just take all the free stuff I can get while I am being approached?

Should I be wary? Are their scams I should know about and watch out for?

What say you, readers? Have you done these sort of reviews in exchange for free products? Have you any sound advice about this at all?

One thing I can say, I will review these honestly. If I get something that I do not care for, you will be the first to know. So far, I've been very lucky with some outstanding books so it has been very easy for me!

Thanks to everyone also for your wonderful supportive comments on the loss of my cat. I really can't tell you how comforting that was for me.



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