Monday, August 06, 2007

Crazy MomCat Reviews: UMI Shoes

I have already established on here that I am not a "shoe girl." Typically, I have your standard solid and multi-purpose type of shoes that go with most everything, only splurging on my sports footwear because of my flat feet and penchant for high-impact workouts.

I think I may have mentioned, however, that my 3-year-old daughter is definitely into shoes and has been since before she could even walk. So, when I was recently contacted by UMI Shoes with the offer of a free pair of shoes, I couldn't say no. I remembered a few fellow bloggers who raved about these shoes last year when they got the same offer.

So, I agreed, putting in the order for an adorable pair of "Mathildas" (shown above) in size 25 (European sizing) for my daughter. (UMI makes the European sizing less confusing by giving you the exact measurements of their shoes so you can easily measure your child's foot and find the correct size.)

I typically buy shoes for my kids from places like Target, Payless, and Famous Footwear sales because kids feet grow fast. So, ordering a pair of $55 pair shoes for this review felt a bit painful, to be honest.

The shoes arrived that same week, and were absolutely adorable. I was very impressed right off the bat with the construction of them. When I felt inside of the shoe, it was cushioned like no other pair we've bought from any of the cheaper retail shoe stores.

And my daughter went nuts for her Mathilda's. She puts them on every chance she gets, even though they are still a bit big and definitely not summer shoe wear. Tonight, she ran and put them on with her pajamas just after her bath and danced around the living room beaming.

Time will tell on the construction and how well these shoes hold up as compared to our cheaper shoe purchases of the past. So, I will update you many months down the road to let you know if they shoes were as good as they seem to be right out of the box.

For now, I give UMI Shoes a big thumbs up. If you're willing to shell out a few more bucks, you will be pleased with their easy-to-use website and funky/trendy shoes styles that are a little different than your run-of-the-mill kids shoes. Check them out at and see what you think!



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