Monday, August 13, 2007

It is I have heard EVERYTHING.

If you didn't catch this story, I just have to pass it along. First of all, because it is yet another blemish on the face of Houston, TX, where I reside, to the American public. Did we need more blemishes really folks? After being named the fattest city in America a few years running, being labeled the worst American Idol auditions ever by Simon Cowell, the horror story of Andrea Yates, AND the diapered Astronaut? I mean, seriously! Can't we get a little good press now? Please?

But, I also share it because it proves that I have indeed heard everything now. There is nothing that can shock me anymore, people. So, don't even try.

On the Today show this morning, Meredith Viera interviewed a Houston man who is suing 1-800-flowers for what he says is a breech of contract.

You see, the man was getting a divorce from his wife, and apparently lovin' it up already with someone else. He goes to send flowers to the new girlfriend, and the florist sends the bill to his home other words, his wife. His wife got the bill and decided to stick the you-know-what for a ton more money in her divorce settlement (can I get an A-men for that..and a whoop, whoop while we're at it?). So, this guys goes on national t.v. to plead his sob story. He feels he is entitled to a huge sum of money from the florist for all of his "pain and suffering" the bill caused. His lawyer lead an emphatic and determined plea on his behalf while the guy sat there looking pitiful and mistreated.

Are you freaking kidding me? I thought the people on Today were going to dog pile this guy and beat the crap out of him right there on life television. Instead, they threw all objectivity out the door and interviewed legal experts who basically laughed right in the guy's face for even attempting this lawsuit.

What is this freaking world coming to, I ask you?

My last question--could they BE promoting High School Musical 2 any more than they are right now on the Disney Channel? I mean, seriously! I haven't even seen the first one yet!

I mean, just because it looks like a new "Grease" and the songs are amazingly cheesy and catchy and the teens are somewhat cute. It isn't like I'm going to set my DVR to record both 1 and 2 and then try and talk my 8-year-old into watching it with me or anything.

I mean, puh-leez...that's as ridiculous as a low-life cheating husband suing the florist for sending his wife the bill for his cheater girlfriend's flowers. As IF!



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