Monday, August 20, 2007

MomCat Reviews: Printakid Personalized Books

When the Parent Bloggers Network asked me to do a review of personalized books for children, I jumped on it. After all, my son's birthday was only weeks away.

But, the main reason I was excited by this was because I actually had one of these books as a child...and I still have it to this day. It sits on my 8-year-old's bookshelf and he loves to read through it almost as much as I did as a kid.

I was impressed with the Printakid's website, which includes good examples of the books so that you can really get an idea of the product you are ordering. I also liked how easy it was to order my son's book. A simple question-and-answer online form and my book order was complete. I was very curious to see how they would merge all of the basic facts, such as hair and eye color, friends names, and so forth.

When my book came, it was just a week or so before my son's party. I anxiously opened the book and found a brightly colored hard-back book in my chosen story, "The Robots of Sedna." While the illustrations are not going to win an awards, the look was still fun and very visually appealing to the eye.

The story was not anything to write home about, but neither was my personalized book as a kid. I was impressed with the quality of the book, nonetheless.

And, as I had predicted, my son was thrilled with the book. He laughed aloud when I read through as the various robot characters were named after his favorite school friends. The silly but simple story still entertained him completely and he said he could not wait to show his friends that they were in a book!

I marvelled at the advances in technology in putting together a book like this over the past 20 years or more. My childhood personalized book also had the simple illustrations. It was a paper back. The text had been typed into blank portions of illustrations, such as clouds and background mountains, so the look was very rudimentary.

This book resembled any book you'd pick up in the library or buy at a bookstore and yet it was fully customized to my son!

While the price is a little steep on these books, I will be ordering another for my daughter's next birthday. I am sure her face will light up just as much as my son's when she stars in her own story. For parents, grandparents, and family looking to give something special to the children in their lives, I highly recommended checking out Printakid for a personalized story.

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Blogger Nicole said...

I used to have a personalized book when I was a kid and I loved it! I forgot all about it until I read your post. I'll have to check these out..I bet my boys would love them, too!

2:56 PM, August 22, 2007  

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