Thursday, April 10, 2008

MomCat Gives Back...The Truth

OK, here's my quick and dirty summary of Idol Gives Back. I admit that I fast-forwarded between many of the more boring moments and some of the sob stories because I just wasn't in the mood to be depressed. As for the rest, here is my take on it:

Opening song—oooh! I love Rihanna! Love this new song--it's a favorite on my IPod lately.

Syesha, Michael and Carly shine. David Cook looks the most at ease, especially when being groped by a sexy dancing girl.
David Archeleta? Home boy has trouble keeping up with “Mama-say-mama-sah-mah-mah-coo-sah.” To me…this says something…

Awesome dancers! Save this show for my break-dancing wanna-be son to watch over his Fruit Loops in the morning. Great start to the show!

Immediately brought down by this story. Very sad. Me thinks Bono is ready for sainthood.

Snoop Dog…nice bling, but, fa-shizzle...I'm fast-forwarding...

My ears! My ears! Who the HELL let Teri Hatcher sing Karaoke to Carrie Underwood on Idol Gives Back? How much would Teri give back to erase this performance? Gag.

Fergie sounds great with John Legend. Good live song, too bad I hate it so much on the radio that I turn it immediately off. Tragically, at the end of this song, Fergie’s fake eyelashes took over her entire face.

Wow. Annie is getting very emotional during her song. Great performance. Say what you will about how wacko she looks…girlfriend can sing!

The best moment of the show—but how on earth did Simon OK this Cowell-bashing monologue? Pepper-mills? Olsen twins? LOL! I can’t help but wonder if Simon will go home with his good sport-smile on and cry a little bit tonight. (Still, Kimmel is truly a comic genius!)

Carrie Underwood—such a gorgeous girl with a great dress on and a great start in music…and a boring-as-hell song tonight. I’m fast-forwarding…

Sarah Silverman…sort of funny. I’m sure the sensors are standing by with their bleep buttons, but she makes it through without getting too nasty.

Is Brad Pitt completely bald now? What is up with all the hats Pitt? I don’t get it.

Yes! Heart. Awesome! Wait. Fergie escaped from her eyelashes and is trying to crash Heart's performance! Get off that stage! Noooooo! Dang that Fergalicious

Crystal looks really old. "Milly Sirus?" Mildly funny dialog between he and Miley. Ok, not really. Kind of like Robin William's Russian act earlier. (There' s a reason it wasn't mentioned...)

Miley Cyrus…first song sounded God awful. Second is better…but this is the one that sounds like a copy of Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night. Sigh. I’m obviously getting old… Also? I’m fast-forwarding...

DVR stopped recording show at 2 hours and 38 minutes. Something tells me I’m better off. Your thoughts?



Blogger Nicole said...

My DVR cut it off, too. I wasn't worried about missing anything either ;-). I still don't get the whole Hannah Montana thing. I mean, she can entertain but can she really sing? Her act seems to processed or something. But I have no daughters so I'm not that familiar with her.

I agree with your summary. I was scratching my head though some of it but it was mildly entertaining.

Bono and Annie are awesome and no one even did any America bashing as celebs usually do these days. That was a relief. I hope they raised a ton of money. If nothing else, it really reminded me of how fortunate we are just by being born in this country. The poorest Americans are still way better off than the poorest Africans.

2:08 PM, April 10, 2008  
Anonymous Crystal said...

lol, too funny!! This was a good blog, but I like reading your stuff, it always intrest me, I agree with you on a lot of things, like with Brad's that in style now? lol

8:51 PM, April 10, 2008  

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