Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gone Country?

This weekend we embarked upon another Cub Scout camp out. Growing up in rural Texas and as the granddaughter of a cattle rancher, I consider myself kind of "country," but not a full-fledged redneck. But, oddly, even though I'm a sporty gal, I never camped growing up. And, I find I'm still getting used to it.
The trip was great and the weather was idea. Mosquitoes were bad, but that's to be expected after Hurricane Ike really. The scouts always have fun activities for the kids during the day. The only bummer was, thanks to an outdoor burning ban, we couldn't build a campfire and that really took away from things in the evening. So, we all crashed early, and when I couldn't sleep thanks to a neighboring tent's snoring orchestra, I got a ton of reading done by flashlight on a book I've been enjoying.

But, here's my burning camping question, because I know a few of my readers are camping enthusiasts. What is your stance on camping showers? We were only there one night and, in my experience at Texas state parks, the facilities are, shall we say, less than desirable? I typically use them only for potty visits. With just one night there, I can deodorize and brush teeth and save myself the trauma of showering in a disgusting shower and clean up when I get home. But, while I was there, I noticed a mother of four in the evening there frantically scrubbing down kids and trying to get them showered before bedtime.

I found this odd. You'll subject your kids to showering in a really disgusting shower to clean them up before sleeping on the ground? Do you "keep clean" in the same way as at home when you camp out? Or, do you, like me, do the bare basics and throw on a ball cap to hide your grudginess until you can get home?
And, while I'm discussing going country, I have some "Country" to share by way of CD. Growing up in my tiny Texas hometown, it would be impossible for me to not be a country music fan. Well, "NOW That’s What I Call Country" arrived in stores this fall and features today’s hottest country hits from Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and many more.
This CD features 20 hit songs from the superstars of country music, including 15 Top-5 singles. NOW That’s What I Call Country is the first country music project for the successful NOW That's What I Call Music! series of compilation albums. In addition, the CD will also unlock free downloads from other new up-and-coming country artists.

The first person to email me gets this CD for free! Here's a link to the CD online where you can see the playlist and get in on a special ordering offer if you order today as well!

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Blogger Williams at Home said...

As a person whose list of favorite things often begins with Camping, I can honestly tell you I am against showering on camping trips. Being grungy is half the fun. So go again...and pack the baseball caps instead of the soap. You'll be glad you did.

1:03 AM, October 15, 2008  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Advice from someone who has advised me wisely in the past. Thanks, Melinda!

1:23 AM, October 16, 2008  

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