Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Amoxicillin, Smoxicillin--I'm no M.D.!

The hardest thing about being a parent? Just when you think you're getting the hang of it, something happens to make you realize you are NOT and you have a LOT to learn.

Case in point--last week Natalie refused to sleep at night. Every night, we'd go through finally getting her to sleep, only to have her wake up 10 minutes later screaming at the top of her lungs. She'd get back to sleep, 15-20 minutes later she'd be crying. There were times her little tired body was even fully asleep while she was wailing.

So, the "expert" mom that I am, I was just SURE she had an ear infection. After a few days of no improvement, I took her in. Mind you, she had shown no other symptoms of any illness other than this night stuff. She's getting her 7th tooth right now after a serious of teeth came in all together too, and Ryan always got ear infections during teething too.

The verdict? No, her ears were clear. She had STREP THROAT. The child had blisters on the back of her throat and we had no idea. The doctor cautioned how contagious it is. I had mentioned Ryan's allergy/post-nasal drip that he always has and how he coughed a lot at night, but was fine during the day. She recommended I bring him in for a strep test too--because he probably is the one who gave it to Natalie.

So, I make an appointment for the next morning and we go in. I'm really stressed at this point that both my kids probably have strep and I'm supposed to leave town that day for my much-anticipated moms' group retreat.

The verdict on Ryan? No, no strep throat at all. No, he's got a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. Plus, he's wheezing (didn't hear this at all) and needs to go back on asthma meds (which really saddened me). Ryan has not mentioned his ears hurting at all.

So, now both my kids are on the beloved Amoxicillian. You know, the pink "bubble gum" medicine we all took too much as a kid? It is the first medicine Ryan has taken that he actually ASKS for and likes the taste of it.
Anyway, all of this made me realize that there is NO way anyone can claim to be a parenting expert. Every kid is so different and even if you had 10 of them, they're like fingerprints--no two are alike! You can't predict much of anything. And we wonder why we constantly blame and question our abilities as parents?


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