Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Closer to the Handbasket

There is something seriously wrong with me and I realized that quite clearly on the way home tonight.

There I was, coming home from my moms' group meeting on "Sequencing Back into the Workplace," in my little Maxima, a mother of two and someone who considers themself a Christian, and someone most think of as quite stable and normal, albeit even straight-laced...

...there I was with the radio up full blast, having the BEST of times listening to the Nine Inch Nails' classic, "Closer." You know, the song that shouts, "I wanna @#$! you like an animal!" The one that talks about horrible, horrible desecrating on someone? And I was SMILING, SINGING ALL THE HORRIBLE WORDS ALONG!

But, that isn't the weirdest part. After that, I switched off the CD to radio, where Norah Jones's "Don't Know Why" was playing and I happily started singing that.

Does anyone see the strangeness in this? Halfway through Norah, I had this thought and started laughing to myself. I must really be a freakin' split personality or something. Is it safe for me to be home with my kids--having THAT much influence on their young and innocent minds?

And what's more frightening...the "animal" CD was my husband's. He has all the classics on there...Nine Inch Nails' greatest, Protegy, and Marilyn Manson. A regular treasure trove of the "dark side" of music. Sigh...I really feel sorry for our kids.

And, that confirms it...they have the handbasket ready to take us straight to hell...all we have to do is just jump on in...


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