Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Frozen fingers, warm seat...

Remember all of those times I whined about how hot it is here and how it never cools off?

Well, it finally cooled off. And I LOVE IT (for the most part)!

Except when I underestimate how cold it really is and I decide to NOT go back in for my jacket or gloves for the bike ride to school.

And, as I ride to the school, my hands grow increasingly colder and colder, turning a shade of pale blue.

Then, somewhere a few blocks from our destination, two or three of my frozen phlangies (yes, I'm remembering my bones from science class) decide to just crack off and fall to the pavement.

And, I pick them up, hoping to somehow reattach them with one of my super strong scrapbooking glues later on.

But, then I mistakenly rub my nose, which also chips off and falls, leaving me looking like perhaps a cross between Michael Jackson and someone who lost at that knife game where you stab between someone else's fingers. (OK, what the HECK is the name of that game? I searched for it online and couldn't find it!)

OK, I kid. I'm in an odd mood. I'm just a half week away from my scrapbooking retreat and both of my kids seem on the verge of getting sick again. It is probably allergies/asthma, with the cold snap and all, but darn it if I'm going to let this stop my weekend!

And, yes, we got back on the saddle (or bike seat, as it was) again. I'm out to prove to my son that I CAN remember to get him. I have post-its all over my house and a timer set to go off when it is time for me to leave. If I don't make it THIS time, someone really should lock me away somewhere. OK?

Nothing else much here, except tonight is my last social thing with my moms' group. After this month, my membership expires and I'll be letting go of a lot of stress and responsibility that I've had for many years now. I'm still feeling like this is the right thing to do, as long as I find some other social outlets to keep me from going more insane than I already am.

More updates soon...


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