Friday, October 21, 2005

One Lump or Two?

Thankfully, we just had one lump. But, one was enough for us!

I didn't have time for a Thinking Back Thursday today, so here's a little short blast from the past. Remember on all the cartoons of our childhood whenever a character would get bonked on the head? The concussion would swell up like a little mountain on their skull? Something like this wolf?

Well, it doesn't look that different when your 18-month-old decides to miss what she was stepping for and you watch her head RICOCHET off your kitchen ceramic tile floor! Case in point, here's a shot of my daughter (you can't see it as clearly as I'd hoped, unfortunately):

No trips to the ER thankfully though. After talking to the nurse at our doctor's office, it didn't seem she was going to be in serious trouble. She cried hysterically for about ten minutes, and then started laughing and playing. I had to allow her to do one of her favorite things (and my least favorite), which is to empty my wallet of every card and ID so she can find all the ones with Mommy's pictures on them. It gave me the distraction I needed to get ice on her head and not have her screaming or squirming from the cold. (I'll have to remember this diversion tactic in the future--it was quite successful!)

During this turmoil, both of Miss Kitty's (my daughter's) parents were sent into panic mode. It is interesting how couples tend to fall into certain roles when there is a health crisis with one of their kids. My husband, normally the level-head and logical of the two of us, was rendered to "ohh...ohhh noooo's." I immediately went into drill sergeant mode, barking out orders to my poor husband. "Get the ice!" "Hold her while I call the doctor!" "No, she's too upset. Get me the phone number FOR the doctor." "Stay calm, we don't to freak her out more than she already is!" (OK, no I wasn't completely calm myself, but I was functional!)

It reminded me of my days back working at the news station as a news producer during college. For some reason, during the chaos of emergency news and reporters running in late with their stories, I always remained calm and got the job done. I was only about 21- or 22-years old, but I kept control of the station for those newscasts, of which I am still proud. When I graduated, I was told by the station manager and other producers that I was a natural producer.

But, what my peers and others at the news station didn't realize, was that after those crazy newscasts deluged with stories I'd written that day of murders, massive car accidents, and political strife around the globe--I'd go home and just crumble into a million pieces on the ground. I was not able to leave it at the office, as you have to do in that business. I was an emotional wreck until the following weekend when I'd walk in and do it all again, loving the job while I was at it. I always love Holly Hunter's character in the movie, Broadcast News, because that was the career I was forging into and I could so associate with her sudden 'bouts of crying! Sometimes I wonder how exciting my life might have been had I stayed in that field after I graduated. Other times, I know that my type-A personality would have never made it through the insanity!

OK, so I got a little side-tracked with that memory. Maybe that'll make up for the no Thinking Back Thursday! So, the head bump was Wednesday night. Thursday was spent aerobicizing early, scrapbooking at a friend's midday, an afternoon of rushing to get "boo bags" for unsuspecting neighbors we'd surprise that evening, soccer practice immediately following that, and then dinner and drinks with some great gal pals (Margarita Mamas, to be precise) in the evening. And, after 24 hours of complete insanity, I have to say that sweet and bubbly Mango Mimosa, well it went down nice and lumps at all!


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