Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Heaven help us...

I knew I shouldn' t have blogged about putting that darn passy behind us...

Ever-so-slowly coming off the pacifier withdrawal, Miss Kitty is now engaging in a full-on nap-strike and last night refused to go to bed until almost 11 p.m. How can the child function with only a 30 minute nap and that late of a bedtime? Thankfully, she's asleep right now, and let's just pray she stays there until morning. I am FRIED, people! This picture only partially depicts my state of mind.

How could one small piece of rubber cause such turmoil, I ask you? The poor child just can't rest with it not in her mouth. Today, after her brief 30 minute snooze, she started crying. I could tell it was a sort of a half-asleep crying. She has done this before, and I recognize it's slow rhythm. It is as if she's trying to lull herself back to sleep. So, I let her cry. And, then crying became screaming. Then, a long pause...sometimes even for several minutes straight. Either she was awake and deciding what noise parade to lay on me next, or she was dozing. Then, a jolt awake with a scream, followed by happy-sounding raspberries blown from her lips. Finally, there were the kicks, forceful enough to shake her entire crib. This is an old handed down crib. I hope it doesn't just collapse under her one of these days!

In other less tiresome news, I forgot to update you all on my nerve test for my feet. Good news for a change--there is no nerve damage or neuropathy at this point. The doctor wasn't sure why I was having the numbness and tingling, but said it is OK right now. It is so nice to NOT have something after all of this medical crap, that I cannot tell you!

I have nothing else today really. I'm tired. I want to get past this pacifier hump and move on to tantrums and other fun things that await me with my budding two-year-old. Ahh..the joys of motherhood...


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