Monday, October 31, 2005

Premature Gourd Gloating

I may often blog about my insecurities, possibly making others think I'm more insecure than I really am.

I may get so strange with my humor that some readers may not get it or question my sanity.

I may sometimes seem entirely too overwhelmed by what many might judge as a "run-of-the-mill" life with two kids in suburbia.

But, my blogging kimosabes...never, no never EVER let anyone say that I can't carve a pumpkin! I survived and thrived at my weekend getaway from the mommy hood to scrapbookers' paradise (updates on this to come). While I'm not well-rested (we scrappers stay up very late talking and cropping), I am renewed and rejuvenated.

Enough so, that I hit the ground running when I got home, taking my Wildcat to a birthday party and then pairing up to create this year's Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. And, I must say, I had my jacko-carving mojo ON that night.

Hands in goo, we pulled, we scraped, and we "de-seeded" our gourds. One was large by most grocery store-standards. But, our second one was the "Grand Poo-bah of Pumpkins," found at the pumpkin patch a week or so ago. This one would prove to be a bear to carve, with about 2 inches of shell between me and it's hollow center.

And, here's the result: one silly smiling one and one that we deemed a half vampire/half crazy Jack.

But, even better ,was the look of delight on my son's face as we finished up, both proud of our work. After being gone for a weekend, it felt so good to team up with him and create something special. There is no better feeling than to have that moment of connection with your child, even if you're hands are covered in pumpkin guts and you've got seeds coming out your wazoo.

I wrote that yesterday---most definitely proud and gloating a little about my pumpkin carving skills. Today, I publish this a little embarrassed and definitely humbled. Little did I know what skilled jack-o-lanteers were hard at work over the weekend. That is, until I went here and here and here. I guess my standard triangled noses and toothy grins really don't compete with some of these works of hallowed art. But, hey, my kid thought mine were the greatest, and that's all that matters, right? More on my weekend get-away and all things "this-and-that" soon! Happy Halloween everyone!


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