Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Supreme Suckage!

Did you hear that sound? What was that? Why that was the sound of my evening getting sucked down the toilet in one big FLUSH.

Tonight just sucked. There is no other way to put it. My friend and I car-pooled to our dinner for my moms' group, which was to be my last official moms' group function as my membership expires this month. And, I learned that I am now ostracized from my group. I have never been treated like this before! We sat down and people who came in eyeballed us and then promptly sat across the room. Even worse, three women came to sit by us (separately) and each got up with some reason they needed to move across the room to the "big clique" (read BSB here--Back-Stabbing Bitches for those of you new to this site). Barely anyone spoke to us at all, and then when we went to leave no one was even acknowledging we left. (This wasn't THAT big of a group, and we were all in one small room.) My friend decided to force people's attention to say goodbye. I chose to let them have my ASS as the last thing they saw of me, walking out the door. Kablam! (No, I didn't really slam it, but they did have to see my fanny!)

The odd thing is, I'm usually a clique-crosser type of person. I don't ruffle people's feathers and I try not to take sides. But, something has happened and I'm definitely the social leper now. I'm not quite sure what, and it really doesn't matter at this point to me.

All of this, coupled with a not so great leap from my bunco group, and being treated as invisible by the neighbors, has me wondering...DO I SMELL? If only the internet was scratch-n-sniff, I just know I could count on a few of you to tell me the truth here!

This is a big downer for me. I had hoped to go tonight and have a nice little evening, and make that cap off my five years with the group. In that time, I have held more volunteer positions than most anyone in this group. But, it had to end like this. And to add to that, the DAMN ASTROS are about to lose AGAIN and my husband is one pissed off person (and I don't blame him...it sucks being a Houston sports fan, let me tell you.)

At this point, my social life has become like a big old box of all-purpose detergent--only instead of increased sudsing action, mine says, "Now with Supreme SUCKAGE!"


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