Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Taking a Short Breather

My blog has really taken a negative, and somewhat pathetic, tone lately that I don't think really shows a true picture of my complete life. The truth is, I'm struggling. Yes. I'm having a hard time dealing with bitchy women. I have had to deal with them in several social circles. But, not all my life is bad. However, because I also have these damn health complications going on too (new tests on Monday for a nerve disorder in my feet related to the diabetes), it really makes my life sound quite awful. It is not, I promise!

So, to give myself (and you all) a little break, I'm going to hold off on posting until after my fabulously fun scrapbooking weekend with my pals. I should be able to come back refreshed, renewed...and then if I bitch, it will be in my old feisty bitchy tone and not in this sad voice I've been blogging with lately. And bitchin' is what I do best, right? HA!

Thanks for all the comments and support. You guys are great!


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